[LIFE STYLE] Happiness increases by living on the sea side ... explanation video

It seems that living on the sea side increases happiness. ========== The following video translation ======== The scientists have proved. (Specific grounds and data do not appear in the video) Deep blue in the sea has the effect of calming down, Spending time on the sea side will open the mental burden on the subconscious. Soaking in seawater makes you refresh your tired spirit and increase your concentration. The feeling that the skin touches the water is always pleasant Water is part of our natural environment. Let's head to the sea! ================================= There were no scientific evidence, but there are many things that can be agreed at the experience level. After immersing in the sea (after surfing), I always work. This summer isGo RideLet's head to the sea! It is also useful for eliminating traffic congestion! MADOKA BUS3

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