Let's set a bulk purchase discount (volume discount) in Shopify!

by Tomoe Onishi
To the store created in SHOPIFYDiscounts based on the number of products to be purchased (volume discount)Introducing apps that can be easily added. If you meet the purchase conditions, the discount will be applied, and the target product can be specified freely. It is also recommended for stores that are considering regular purchases (subscs) in terms of providing the same product multiple points and multiple times.

Use app

There is a trial period for 14 days Basic functions can be used for free. Paid plan ($ 9.99/month)Now you can use the following additional functions. 1. Discounts for specific customer groups 2. Discount schedule setting 3. Cart message (display the total amount applied in carts) 4. Bulk is added to the cart in a quantity that does not apply to the cart. Message display is displayed by purchasing. Please check the app page for details.

Setting method

There is no Japanese support because it is made overseas like other applications, but it is a very simple app, so I think it will be difficult to set it. * Installation of the app may affect existing stores and other apps. Let's work after duplicating the theme in advance. 1. On the dashboardAppfromShopify app storeMove toVOLUME & TIERED DISCOUNTSInstall. 2.Add newCreate a new discount setting. 3.Offer nameEnter the name of the discount setting. (Because it is not visible to the customer, the name that knows the management side) 4.Display Offer Table / BannerSelect whether to display a table banner about the discount offer on the product page 5.StatusSelect the discount settings or select. If you pause, turn it off. 6.QuantityEnter the quantity to apply the discount for bulk buying. 7.DiscountSelect from the three discount methods.・%OffPersonnetage discount (eg, 15%discount)Price DiscountDiscount at a specific price (eg, 500 yen discount) ・Fixd PriceSold at a specific price (eg, 1,800 yen for purchasing 2 points for 1,000 yen) 8.Select Offer TypeSelect the target product. 9.Select ProductsIf you select Product, select all or specific products 10.FilersIf you select Custom Selection, narrow down the product and select it with Select Product. 11.Select Display Offer TypeSelect the bulk purchase discount (table) style displayed on the product page. There are two styles, GRID and Banner, and Banner can only apply if you select the product type, vendor, or collection with the selection of 6 target products. 12.Customer tagIf you group and manage the customer in a tag, only a specific group can be eligible. (Example: In the case of GOLD members only, if you have set a tag called GOLD in the target customer in advance, you can limit the target person) 13.Schedule OfferYou can set the discount start and end schedule. 14.SubmitSave the settings and complete. Let's check the product page! In this way, you can easily set the bulk discount and insert the discount rate table. Customization of table (table) can be possible with CSS.
This is a highly recommended function for stores with many customers that are bought in multiple points. Please try it because it can be easily introduced using the app.
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