Let's manage the customer information of SHOPIFY and the actual store using Omni Hub! Explains what can be linked with Smagg!

by Sasuga Tsutsumi

Businesses that operate actual stores and online shops are often managed separately. If information on actual stores and online can be centrally managed, you can carry out optimal marketing activities for customers. Introducing not only the load reduction, but also the introduction of points can be provided with a combined customer experience, and it can be expected to directly connect to fanization and sales.

SHOPIFY is one of the platforms that can accommodate cooperation with actual stores, and has realized offline and online operations around the world. The same is true in Japan, and you can work with SHOPIFY POS and Smagg.

This time, we will pick up and explain how to link customer information between Smagenji and SHOPIFY, which has a high share in Japan.

What is Omni Hub?

This is a member link between SHOPIFY and Smaggen, which can centrally unify the store and EC customers. You can provide the best purchase experience for customers by connecting stores and ECs.

As a prerequisite, you can link one SHOPIFY store with one smarage. Multiple settings are not supported. In addition, it is also a plan that both selling in Japanese yen, data management in Japan time, and the free customer management function of Smagg Research.


Omni Hub function

Member information cooperation

SHOPIFY customer information can be linked to Smagg Research members. Information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and member ranks can be linked.

In order to read information at the store, display the Smagg Research member barcode on the SHOPIFY My Page.

Sales information cooperation

You can cooperate with members' sales between Smarage and SHOPIFY. Orders are created on SHOPIFY when the sales are created. Product names, sales unit prices, discounts, etc. are linked to the order. Cooperation has few time lags and smooth.

Additional conditions are required, but sales cooperation between SHOPIFY → Smagg.

Point management

You can add or use points between Smagg and SHOPIFY. Orders that occur on both Smagenji and SHOPIFY with Omni Hub's sales linkage function are centralized in SHOPIFY, and points are given in the point setting set in advance. Points are given smoothly because they are reflected immediately after sales order creation. Note that the hub of the point function is SHOPIFY.

Points can be displayed on My Page and the cart page. Point balance can be described on the Smagg Reseat.

Omni Hub itself has a point function, but by using Shopify Flow, it can be linked with external point apps such as VIP. You can also take over the points of the external app.

Let's improve your customer experience by linking the actual store and SHOPIFY

By linking the actual store and the EC site, not only customers but also the management side have the advantage of reducing the work load. Why don't you consider it? There is a generous support even for the first time, so you can introduce it with confidence.

Go Ride Co., Ltd. can support not only the construction of SHOPIFY but also various external systems. If you have any problems with SHOPIFYHerePlease contact us.

Sasuga tsutsumi

Sasuga tsutsumi

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