[KOBE-REYES] Artificial surfing facilities opened in April 2016

sourceKobe Shimbun NEXT Kobe artificial surfing facility where population wave pool comes to Japan [KOBE-REYES (Koberey)] Opened in April 2016! It is said that a waves of head size (1.8 meters) can be generated and riding for about 15 seconds can be made, and it is likely to be a waves that can be enjoyed enough for general surfers. The price is undecided. The operation is "response engineer" that operates an indoor practice facility of snowboard (snowboard) There will be a pool, parking lot, changing room, etc. with a maximum width of about 60 meters and a length of about 100 meters. It seems that the user base is expected mainly for inexperienced people, and it seems that boarding of boards will be prepared (we are wondering how many times the water temperature will be set). If you operate early in the morning or at night, it seems that a salarymansurfer who is going to work or after work or after work. I'm really looking forward to it. I introduced it in Go Ride News the other day "Night Surf session on Wave Garden"Under construction around the worldWave Garden webAs described in, surfing is increasing at a pace of 1 million people around the world (the source is unknown). Until now, surfing is less familiar to people living in areas near the coast, but I am glad that such artificial facilities will be more comfortable with surfing. An experiment of waving devices Since the place is Kobe, going to Wavepool is convenient and saved by Nagoya.

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