KLAVIYO and SHOPIFY, an email marketing service, announced the enhancement of partnerships


KLAVIYO and SHOPIFY, an email marketing service, announced the enhancement of partnerships

August 2, 2022 SHOPIFY has announced a strategic tie -up to invest in Klaviyo on the e -commerce marketing platform of $ 100 million.

KLAVIYO enhances existing partnerships by strategic partnerships with SHOPIFY, can own all -scale brands and customer relationships and provide more fulfilling functions.

What can we do in collaboration?

With this partnership, KLAVIYO will start providing a SHOPIFY PLUS recommended email solution partner, which has added functionality, expandability, and support in SHOPIFY's basic plan, and will launch plans for large sales. 。
KLAVIYO can quickly access SHOPIFY's new features, and Klaviyo and SHOPIFY will accelerate important new technologies to respond to changes in e -commerce marketing.

KLAVIYO is the top solution of the SHOPIFY app, and this partnership will further enhance the opportunity to deepen your relationship with your customers.

KLAVIYO's policy

"The Next Era of Ecommerce Will Be Marked by a Continued Shift Toward Consumer Privacy and the Forming of Strong Digital Relationships"

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Klaviyo's future policy is to go on a continuous shift for consumer privacy and powerful relationships. Cooperation can provide new technologies corresponding to changes in e -commerce.

What is KLAVIYO in the first place?

  • KLAVIYO is an IT startup venture founded in 2012
  • 2.65 million companies in more than 80 countries around the worldUse Klaviyo.
  • KLAVIYO with more than 1,000 employeesTransfer funds of about 775 million dollars (approximately ¥ 130.6 billion)again,As of May 2021Proposed $ 9.5 billion (about 1,270.9 billion yen)
  • UNILEVER, a major British general consumer goods manufacturer, is also being used.
  • Living Proof, headquartered in Boston, USA, has increased the 29 % email list using Klaviyo, the profit from the third quarter of email marketing increased by 514 % year -on -year, and the number of e -mail delivery has increased by 432 %. Has a track record.

With KLAVIYO, you can do the following:

  • E -mail magazine creation and distribution
  • Customer behavior flow settings. Automatic mail distribution such as a basket drop
  • Customization segment
  • Automatic segment division of mailing list
  • Measure the opening rate of email and the effect of click rate
  • Create e -mail magazine distribution sign -up form with SMS

KLAVIYO is available in conjunction with SHOPIFY.

The most used function isThis is an automatic transmission of personalized emails according to the customer's site's on -site behavior, and the customized e -mail distribution.

Go ride gets Klaviyo partner qualifications

Go Ride has a formal partner badge through Klaviyo Partnership Program.
KLAVIYO has a partnership program at a four -stage class that has a customer level of expertise (silver, gold, platinum, elite),
Go Ride has acquired a silver partner of Klaviyo.

By ranking up, there is an advantage that you can build a closer relationship with KLAVIYO, participate in the finest training program, and collaborate directly with the Klaviyo leadership team.
Go Ride will also strengthen the support of CRM measures to EC operators due to global cookie regulations.


This article tells you about the enhancement of SHOPIFY and KLAVIYO's partner.

With the global overall background of cookies regulations, more and more companies are paying attention to the means of e -mails using the first party cookie data obtained with the consent of customers.

SHOPIFY is an e -commerce platform that has the most successful brands in the world. You can experience a more enriched e -commerce by customers with a strategic partnership with Klaviyo.

See Klaviyo's official website for more information about this announcement. (Article English only) https://www.klaviyo.com/blog/shopify-trategic-partnerShip


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