[Kanto suburbs] Let's go on a pair! Campsite where you can do sea bathing & surfing

It's getting warm and the cherry blossom season, and it's a fun season for camping. We will introduce the recommended campsites that are recommended for women, with recommended sea bathing, surfing, and fishing in the suburbs of the Kanto region.

1. Kujukuri Auto Campsite Taiyo and Sea

SCREEN SHOT 2016-04-02 at 4.36.08 PM Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture is an auto campsite where the beautiful sea of ​​Kujukurihama spreads in front of you. In summer, you can enjoy surfing as well as sea bathing. It seems fun to get up a little early in Kujukuri, which is famous for its beautiful morning sun and drink coffee while watching the sunrise. There is a jacuzzi open -air bath in this campsite, so you don't have to worry about shower! There are also lodges, cottages, and barbecue areas, so you can enjoy it comfortably for beginners and families without any need to prepare. It is a convenient location for about 90 minutes from the city center. ■ Basic information
  • Name: Kujukuri Auto Campsite Taiyo and Sea
  • Address: 2746-10, Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture
  • Phone number: 0479-74-7515
  • Fee: Site usage fee Auto 1 parcel 4350 yen ~
  • Parking: Yes
  • Pet: Petable for lead use. Accommodation is not allowed
  • Official HP: http://tandu.jp/

2. Ohara Auto Campin / Sotobo

SCREEN SHOT 2016-04-02 at 5.45.48 PM A campsite located in Izumi City, Chiba Prefecture, along the coast (Southern), as the name suggests. Of course, you can enjoy surfing and swimming on the coast, so it is a perfect spot for summer camping! There is also a pet square, and it is also attractive that you can enjoy camping with pets! It looks fun with yoga on the beach. At night, there are some photographers who are really beautiful and come to get the starry sky! It is very convenient for shopping when you forget something because the city area is near! It is about 2 hours from the city center.

■ Basic information

  • Name: Ohara Auto Campin / Sotto
  • Address: 1831 Fukahori, Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture
  • Phone number: 0470-62-8277 (reception hours 9: 00-18: 00)
  • Fee: Usage fee 1000 yen for adults, 500 yen for children Site usage fee 1 parcel 3000 yen, AC power supply 4000 yen (plus the tray period plus 1000 yen)
  • Remarks: There are cooking buildings, toilets, observatory, etc.
  • Official site URL: http://oohara-ac-inn.jimdo.com/

3. Shizunami Camp Grand Shizunami Camp Ground

shizuna You can get up in the morning and play in the sea immediately because it is a 2 -minute walk from the beach in Shizunami. The following facilities are very fulfilling, and even families can enjoy it with confidence. It seems that you can enjoy fishing. About 2 hours and 30 minutes from the city center However, please be careful because it is a complete reservation system.HereYou can make a reservation from.
  • The campsite isBy appointment only
  • Cooking, hot water shower, 100V power supply!
  • Renewed to the washlet toilet! (2014)
  • The manager is 24 hours a day, so it's safe!
  • A safe campsite with a home helper!
  • The car can be parked next to the site, so it is convenient to have a lot of luggage!
  • There are plenty of events and spots around the campsite!

■ Basic information

  • Name: Shizunami Camp Grand Shizunami Camp Ground
  • address:
  • Phone number: 042-443-0437 (reception hours 10: 00-12: 00 13: 00-17: 00)
  • Fee: Usage fee 3600 yen ~ For detailsOfficial site
  • Remarks: Cooking, washlet toilet, and power supply
  • Official HP:http://www.shizunami.com/

4. Marine Park Maezaki Auto Campsite Shizuoka Prefecture

SCREEN SHOT 2016-08-30 at 6.10.37 PM It is about 5 minutes by car from the surf point of Omaezaki, and if you go beyond the bank, you can swim immediately, so your family is satisfied and convenient. There is Seven-Eleven near the entrance of the campsite, so you can go buy it immediately even if there is something missing. [Business hours] April -October period [Regular holiday] November -March every Tuesday (excluding August)
  • Name: Marine Park Maezaki Auto Campsite
  • Address: 6099-1 Port, Omaezaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Phone number: 0548-63-2001
  • Fee: Up to 6 people per site: ¥ 3,000 yen (If there are 7 or more people, 500 yen per person.)
  • Remarks: Kitchen, toilet, pets OK
  • Official HP:http://www.omaezaki.gr.jp/contents/detail.html?s=1029

5. Oarai Sun Beach Campsite Ibaraki Prefecture

OOARAI The facilities are enriched, good access, can enjoy canoeing and goby fishing, so you can use it for multipurpose. It is about 2 hours from the city center, so you can enjoy stress -free driving on Joban Road.

■ Basic information

  • Name: Oarai Sun Beach Campsite
  • Address: 1212-57, Oarai -cho, Oarai -cho, Higashiibaraki -gun, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Phone number: 029-267-2234
  • Fee: Usage fee $ 4,500/Site detailsOfficial site
  • Remarks: Cooking, toilet, power supply (paid), pets prohibition, no fireworks prohibited
  • Official HP:http://sunbeach-camp.org/

6. Hama Shiraho parking lot in Isekuni (Mie Prefecture)


It takes a little extra edition and it takes 5 or 6 hours from the city center, but it is highly recommended for surf lips when you can take three consecutive holidays with beautiful water. In addition to surfing, you can also go sightseeing in gourmet dazzling and Ise Jingu in Oge Yokocho. Click here for the state of the surf lip I went to Ise Collection & Ise for staying in a domestic version of the car

basic information

  • Name: Shiraho parking lot
  • Address: 〒517-0506 East 311 under the character of Afu-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
  • Phone number: 0599-47-4397
  • Fee: Usage fee ¥ 1,000/For detailsOfficial site
  • Remarks: Cafeteria, stand, hot water shower, toilet, BBQ prohibition
  • Official HP:http://www.shima.mctv.ne.jp/~shiraho/

Recommended items related to the sea, surf camp

And from here, it is a recommended item for camping!


For accommodation tents, this is the recommended tent TICLA, which is popular among Surfers in Malifornia, but is very good for functionality and design. This ticla was named from Mexico Super Secret Surf Point La Ticla. Certainly that place is the best place to stay in a tent. The accommodation facilities are just like a hut. If you go with cospa -oriented, this Coleman tent was very good for the price. It is enough to just sleep with one or two people.

sleeping bag

Regarding the sleeping bag, I used this Coleman, and I used it in the middle of winter, but it was easy to use because it was not bulky and cheap. When it was a little cold in a European car, I put a blanket on one piece or covered with HEATTECH. Sleeping bags are thick in spring, autumn, or winter, but I think that spring and autumn are surprisingly sufficient for those who stay in a snowy mountain. Camping air mat Just laying this will improve your sleeping comfort. If you sleep directly on a sleeping bag on the ground, your back will hurt or somewhere strange, but you can sleep well. The price is super cheap, and it is convenient to swell on your own just by laying it!

Babque stove

This is recommended for barbecue grill! If you have a barbecue for about 10 people, you can enjoy it with plenty of time. The meat is very good, it looks fashionable and easy to use. When carrying, it can be stored compactly and stored. However, please note that the surfboard will be broken if you do not come with a cloth when you take it with a surfboard! April-June is a very easy and best season for staying in the car. Please refer to this article for staying in the carRecommendations in the car and tricks I stayed in the car for 2 months while surfing in Europe The price of the Metropolitan Expressway has risenThe Metropolitan Expressway, Yokohama Shindo will be raised from April 1st, Yokoko Road, and the Ken -O Expressway will be reduced. In any case, if you go out, you can meet a new person in a share and save fun.Go Ride MADOKA BUS3

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