"Job in hand" back office work is also freelance era

by Shopify API

In general, freelancers have many creative images such as "designers", "SE", "writers", and "photographers", and I think there are many recruitment.

In fact, the options of becoming freelance of professional human resources in back office work, such as accounting and general affairs, are increasing, and demand from companies is increasing rapidly.

This time, as a freelancer, I would like to tell you about the reality of me, who is working in multiple companies, including Go Ride, aiming for a "expert" in the back office.


  1. Why did you choose freelance?
  2. What are the "advantages" and "disadvantages" as freelancers?
  3. What are the insurance related?

(1) Why did you choose freelance?
Why did you choose freelance? It is often asked.

The first is to be honest, not only one company, but wants to expand the possibilities. Until the age of 27, I worked with a full -time employee and had a free job. The free began to stabilize, stopped regular employees, and went on the freelance path from 28.

The second is income. Back office work I chose a free way because I was not convinced that my salary was low because I didn't get money.

The third is that I want to go abroad, live abroad, study abroad, anyway, my head was "overseas" (laughs). This was all, so I worked well and went to 6-7 countries in 2019!

(2) What are the "advantages" and "disadvantages" as freelancers?

I would like to tell you about the merits and demerits that you are most concerned about. I am also a question often asked by friends!

My eyes are my main benefits, but "I have more time", "I have more time with my dog", and "I have more income". You can work when you want to work, spend time in learning, play a lot with your dog, and take it to your dock run.

The disadvantage is that the income is not guaranteed as a full -time employee. It is unstable because income changes depending on yourself. In addition, there is no paid/vacation, so it will be self -management. I personally do not feel the disadvantages so far, but when I become a freelancer or a sole proprietor, I strongly recommend that you choose the disadvantages and select it!

(3) What is insurance related?

I have National Health Insurance.

In fact, there are two types: a national health insurance by a municipality and a type operated by the National Health Insurance Association.

There is also a method in which the municipalities are not the parent's national insurance, but the National Health Insurance Association is the National Health Insurance of the mother. If you are engaged in literary arts, art, and books, and you are in a union member organization, this is an insurance system that allows you to join your family. It is characterized by the uniform insurance premium regardless of income, and the monthly fee is 19,600 yen (FY2010).

If you think that the insurance premium feels high, you can move to a local government with a cheap insurance premium (laughs).

What did you think? Finally, in the next blog, can the back office remote due to the effects of COVID-19 (new colon viral infection)? Is it essential to come to work? And what are you doing? I would like to introduce you!


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