Ise Surf Festival @ Hama Mie Prefecture in Kokufu

Quote sourceLegendary This year's sixth year, Murasaki Sports ise surf festival vol.6 A large surf event held on September 17 (Sat) and 18 (Sun) in the beach of Ise Kokuku in Mie Prefecture for two days! !

Event content

1.100 surfers are born! ? “Surfing great experience” 2. JPSA Top Professional VS Top Ama Watching the Prize Competition Surfing Tournament [Surf Bout ISE VOL, 6] * U-15 class available 3. Compete for the style with the alternative board [Style Bout Presented by Vissla] 4. "Leather Craft Experience" that can make a Fin type key ring 5. “Tie DYE chromosome experience” that cherses the T -shirts brought in 6. Must -see women! Making piercings using fresh flowers! “Flower Accessories” 7. Create using seagrass and shells that are falling on the beach, “Seagrass / shell photo frame making workshop” etc The workshop is also an event content that allows you to feel a lot of beach lifestyle! personally
3. Style Bout compete for style 5. Tie DYE chromosome experience that brings in by bringing in shirts etc.
I'm worried! I want to dye surfwash T -shirts and make it cool. It is Style Bout, It seems that an event where Shigeaki Ichigo will compete for the production style, and an unprecedented heat STYLE BOUT will be held!

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This event of Murasaki Sports Presents that color the end of summer! How about summer play? And Ise is really far from the Kanto area! Ainori at this timeGo RideLet's help you! If you put "Ise Surf Festival" on the keyword, the match rate will increase! MADOKA BUS3 Related article [FASHION] LB/S Tokyo collaboration with Blue Standard I went to Ise Collection & Ise for staying in a domestic version of the car

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