Ideal for surfing and swimming in Shonan in Shonan

Speaking of summer, the Shonan area, which is crowded with sea surfing and sea bathing, is the best beach in the Kanto area, about one hour from the Tokyo metropolitan area. However, for surfers who go surfing every week, the parking fee is often troubled in the summer. I want to stop without checking the price, there is no upper limit, I want to be surprised to see the parking fee by two rounds. So, here are some of the great parking lots along the sea and the parking lots that should be noted. * The information may be changed, so be sure to check the local notation when using it.

1.Oiso Beach

It will be a parking lot for fishing port. Even in summer, 1200 yen/day is a relatively affordable price in Shonan, thank you.

2. Park (East Coast Motor Parking Lot

Reasonable at around 1500 yen a day even in summer It is cheap to park on Saturdays and Sundays for 540 yen a day on Saturdays and Sundays.
Usage category From January to June From September to December From 8:30 to 17:00 Weekdays and Saturdays and holidays From July to August From 7:00 to 18:00 weekday From July to August From 7:00 to 18:00 Saturday and holiday From July to August From 14:00 to 18:00 weekday From July to August From 14:00 to 18:00 Saturday and holiday
Ordinary car One time 510 yen 1,020 yen 1,540 yen 510 yen 720 yen

3.Tsujido Seaside Park

TSUJIDO-SHOWER There is no upper limit in the summer (during the jumbo pool period). Other than that, it is 1200 yen/day, so it is relatively advantageous. I'm glad that there are plenty of shower, toilet, and stalls, so it's convenient to buy a surf shop along the surfer street within walking distance. * Please contact us directly for the summer season (the jumbo pool period). It seems to be different depending on the year.

4.Sea House Inamuragasaki Parking Lot

03B3E163B5037C7D5A59479D646E0078_s This parking lot is often used when surfing around Inamuragasaki, Shichirigahama, etc. Convenient toilets and shower facilities are also available Maximum fee (November-April) Monday-Friday 1 day ¥ 1200/Saturday, Sunday and public day ¥ 1800 Maximum fee (May-October) Monday-Friday 1 day ¥ 1800/Saturdays and holidays 1 day ¥ 2000 (November-April) Mon-Friday 30 minutes ¥ 100/weekend 20 minutes ¥ 100 (May-October) Monday-Friday 15 minutes ¥ 100/Saturday and holidays 12 minutes every ¥ 100 Receipt issuance: possible Used bills: 1,000 yen bill Credit card: Not possible

Parking lot that you want to be aware of with no limit on the price

1. Shichirigahama parking lot

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It is a major parking lot in Shichirigahama overlooking the sea. If you eat (1080 yen or more) in the Pacific Drive in in the parking lot, you will get a one -hour discount. I want to be careful because the maximum fee has not been used throughout the year. Personally, it is a great deal to enter the water in the morning, buy breakfast for 1100 yen for the sea at the sea, and go home while eating it by car.

2.Yuigahama underground parking lot

yuigahama In summer, Yuigahama is crowded with bathers. When you go to No. 134 from the Enoshima area, you can see it on the left hand. The underground parking lot is also available in facilities such as shower and toilet. Please note that there is no upper limit fee for the year. If you go by swimming or surfing in a place without such a maximum fee, Ainori is convenient! Go Ride Let's share a great deal! MADOKA BUS3

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