Ideal for honeymoon? Maldive paradise 4 -star resort Island

source: THE INERTIA Paradise Maldiv, which has become completely known as a surfed destination This Maldives 4 -star resortCinnamon Dhonveli Cinnamon DombelliIt did not originally exist as a surf resort. However, because of the points of world -class waves around, the surfer has eventually accepted. Ocean View SCREEN SHOT 2016-02-11 at 2.57.19 PM Chaya-ISLAND-DHONVELI-BEACH-WATER-Bungalows_10565002245_O The main point here is that these surf points are used only for guests staying at this hotel, so the entire hotel accepts 250 guests, but for surfers, the points are crowded. Just as not, we accept only 30 surfer accommodation. You can use multiple points with only 30 surfers, so you can enjoy the finest world class waves that explode in the leaf in the Magic blue sea, which is unrelated to congestion and Maldive's transparent sea. I can. Three famous points around the hotel, Sultan, Hongkies One of the famous points is Pasta Point pasta points. This is one of the most famous surf points among Maldives. If you surf here, the waves are too good and the arms are too paddle and your arms become like a noodle (noodles) of the pasta of Funyafunya, so it is called pasta point. Pasta point Sultan and Honky are about 100 meters and are next to them, and both can ride more than 100 meters. Sultan is a rare point that does not close, no matter how large the waves are, and it is a light wave that makes it easy to draw your favorite line by BEHIND THE PEAK (take -off from the peak). Honky is a left wave wave, and the inside section is called Freds Ledge Fredge Ledge, which is famous for making unexpected barrels about 2 feet than the first peak. If it is such a wave, it is a wave that will probably be a barrel for the first time that a person who has never made a barrel yet. SCREEN SHOT 2016-02-11 at 2.56.51 PM SCREEN SHOT 2016-02-11 at 2.57.48 PM There is a break in front of the hotel, so it is possible to spend such an elegant time .... It is a wonderful place without any complaints from my family lol Aerial-View_5985420099_O Chaya-ISLAND-DHONVELI-BEACH-WATER-BUNGALOWS_1056501956_O Chaya-ISLAND-DHONVELI-BEACH-WATER-Bungalows_10565003005_O SurfingdhoneLi_4_5985980620_O CHAYA-ISLAND-DHONVELI-BEACH-WATER-Bungalows_10565063704_O You may have the best memories to visit on a surfer honeymoon. Because it is a resort, partners can enjoy even non -surfers. Of course, it is a paradise of diving, so it is possible to enjoy licensing and enjoy it. Reservations for wonderful memoriesHereYou can do it.

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