I want to recommend it to a Japanese couple! Recommended Surf Town Selections

10 Surf Town for JAPANESE COUPLE 10 Surf Town I want to recommend to Japanese people sourceMy Endless Summer From this time, I would like to introduce the recommended surfed destination to select from my experience little by little. This time, I imagined a so -called average surfer (for those who surf once or twice a week). We comprehensively considered the quality of the waves, the condition of the condition, the security, the deliciousness of the rice, the party scene, the access from Japan, the price, and the perfection as a surf town. 10.Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain Canary Islands Ranzarote Spain The waves often became barrels as long as they were reduced. However, it is crowded as it is. Also pay attention to the shallow leaf and hard local. If the bottom is bumpy due to the volcanic rock, the board will be shredded if you make a mistake in the place where you enter and where you go up. Prices are relatively cheap compared to Europe, and the city is high. We recommend that you stay at the apartment. Detail isHere 9.Riceira, Portugal Eliseira, Portugal There are also points that World Junior were also doing. The people in the city were very kind and almost never saw Asians. Ribiera Dilha's facility is great for detailsHere 8.canggu, Bali Congoo, Bali Speaking of Bali, if you are a Japanese, many people will stay near Kuta, but I would like Congoo to stay. You can shop and party at DEUS MACHINA, there are many points of points, and there are many cheap and delicious shops. By the way, I was able to stay at the best surf hotel Frii Hotel here. Detail isHere 7. Tamarindo, Costa Rica Tamarind, Costa Rica Tamarind's beach break is safe and safe, and the town is also a tourist destination, and the security is very good. It is also possible to stay at a resort hotel example Westin, etc., which costs more than 50,000 yen per night. Tamarind is recommended for beginners in Central America. However, prices are quite high. You can enjoy it with your family. If you want to go to OLLIES POINT or Witchs Rock by boat, you will have a tour from Witchs Rock Surf Camp. Detail isHere 6. Sun Juan Del Sur, nicaragua Sunfandersar Nicaragua Anyone who is a little heavy barrel in Popoyo can enjoy surfing in Sun Juan Del Sur, and there is a Sunday Funday, which is called Central America No.1 Party. Details where you definitely want to participate in thisHere 5.Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka Hikkadua, Sri Lanka I always enjoyed the condition with the fan wave. Above all, the pleasure of being released from the wet suit in the cold winter and surfing with board shorts is exceptional. There are many locals and friendly and wavy points, so you can enjoy not only shorts but also long and mid -length boards. I think it is a wave that is widely accepted by men and women of all ages. If you hire a driver, it is easy to access Midigama and Melissa, which are less crowded. Detail isHere 4.Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Costa Rica, which also became the stage of the endless summer, the sunset is very beautiful and the rice is delicious. The high price is the ball. Santa Teresa was a super fan with a wide beach and was not crowded. Once the condition is ready, the barrel that can easily get out of it will enter more and more. I don't think it's easy to find a barrel that is empty and not scared around the world. In addition, Santa Teresa has many beautiful sisters. Tamarindo is accessible, but it may be enough to go to OLLIES POINT and Witchs Rock because it seems to be too much tourist destination. Santa Teresa's articleHere 3.Lembongan, Indonesia Rembo Gun, Indonesia The transparency of the water is wonderful and the price is cheap. Snorkeling was also great. It is a healing point in myself because it is not crowded like Urwatts. This is recommended for the inn. It was comfortable without the air conditioner. By the way, the following videos were shot with Lembo Gun. I think you will be able to convey a fan atmosphere. Detail isHere 2. HosseGor, France Hoseego, France The budget will go up a little, but you can enjoy surfing in a stylish French atmosphere. There are many options, from La Pista, a fan that is a barrel, from a fan. It is a wonderful wave quality that will also be held. Of course, rice is very delicious. Detail isHere 1. Sayulita, Mexico Saylita, Mexico Anyway, people in the city, local surfers are friendly, close to points. There are some delicious foods at about $ 5, and there are many waves choices (the main Saylita is a mellow, but if you go to QuimixTo, there is a barrel). Detail isHere It was dogmatic and prejudice. m (_ _) m

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