I want to know! February and March holiday sale information in the United States!

by Hajime Ozawa
February and March Sales
Speaking of American big sale, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. I guess some people think that there are no big sale in the United States other than these two sales days. There are many other sale events in the United States. This time, let's take a look at the holiday sale event in February and March!

February-March HOLIDAY & EVENT List

February and March Sales

The following list is a list of holidays in the United States in February and March:


  • 2nd -Groundhog's day

  • 3rd -Feed the Birds Day

  • 7th -Super Bowl Sunday, SuperBowl 55

  • 12th -Lincoln's Birthday

  • 12th -CHINESE NEW YEARS It's the Year 4719!

  • 14th -Valentine's Day

  • 15Day - President's day

  • 15th -Singles Awareness Day

  • 16th --MARDI Gras (FAT TUESDAY)

  • 17th -Ash Wednesday

  • 20th -Hoodie -Hoo day

  • 22th -Washington's Birthday

  • 26th -Purim Begins at Sundown


  • 8th -International Women's Day

  • 14Day - Daylight Savings Begins at 2:00 A.M. -Date Varies

  • 15th -IDESS OF MARCH

  • 17Day - ST. PATRICK'S DAY

  • 20th -International Earth Day (Sun -Earth Day)

  • 20th -Spring (VERNAL) EQUINOX

  • 25th -Feast of the anNNUNCIATION

  • 27th -Passover (8 days)

  • 28th -Palm Sunday

In the last two months, the holiday event is Morimori. The biggest sale events are President's Day (February) and ST. PATRICK'S DAY (March). There are so many EC sites and real stores that set up sale events on these two holidays. Let's take a look at these two holidays!

February: president's day (February 15)

February Calendar President's Day is February 15th

The first is president's day. President's Day (President's Day) is the day to celebrate the President's achievements.


  • It is a day to celebrate the achievement of the president (President's Day)
  • There are many patterns to sell in three days, 13th (Sat), 14th (Sun), and Monday, 15th.
  • Walmart, Amazon, automobiles, electrical products, etc. are on sale

The merit of selling President's Day

PRESIDENT'S DAY sale has various benefits. The first is the timing of the sale. President's Day is in the middle of February, just the US final tax return. Those who have filed a final tax return early (in January) are likely to return taxes in the middle of February, and 9%of consumers have refunded (income tax (income tax) (income tax (income tax). )There is data to be used during this sale period.

The second advantage is the day to wipe out the stock in winter. Many stores will make a big sale during this period, so some people say "close to spring Black Friday." Also, the fact that many stores are doing large sale must be planned early to succeed. For example, you need to prepare an advertisement to SNS from an early stage, or send the details of the sale to the mail sub -scriver. Let's challenge the sale after considering the timing of post/distribution posting!

For reference: President's advertisement (example)

President's Day Ad Example 1 Points: Advertising in the United States because of the president's dayNational flagUse the color (red, white, blue)

March: ST. PATRICK'S DAY (March 17)


Speaking of the March sale event, it is ST. PATRICK'S DAY! ST. PATRICK'S DAYOriginally, the death day of ST. PATRICK, which spread Christianity in Ireland. Currently, it is a major holiday in the United States, and it is a lucky day. Family and friends gather to eat treats, or go to see the local ST. PATRICK'S DAY parade to enjoy the day.

Details of ST. PATRICK'S DAY

  • Good luck (originally the date of ST. PATRICK, which originally spread Christianity in Ireland)
  • There are many stores that hold sales from March 14 (Sun) to March 17 (Wed)
  • Holiday color:Green & rainbow

The merit of selling on the ST. PATRICK'S DAY

ST. PATRICK'S DAY will not only gather with family and friends, but also hold sale at real stores and online stores. In the past, ST. PATRICK'S DAY, which did not sell much, but now many people celebrate ST. Patric's Day, so holiday shopping.The consumption amount is also increasing.
ST. PATRICK'S Day Planning to Celebrate Graph
Millennium generation (age: 18-34) is celebrating more (73%in 2020)
ST. PATRICK'S DAY consumption amount
The amount of consumption is increasing compared to 2009. Looking at the average consumption amount by age group:
  • 18~24 = $39.15
  • 25~34 = $50.95
  • 34~40 = $52.65
  • 45~54 = $45.07

ST. PATRICK'S DAY is still popular with the millennium generation. If you are selling products targeted between 25 to 34 years old and 34 to 40 years old, I think you should sell it.

It is also a chance to do not only the sale but also give away, and to be able to do SNS followers, newsletter subclors, and sales. For example, a special coupon is presented from among those who sub -skive of SNS follow and newsletter. ST. PATRICK'S DAY is a motif because the clover is a motif, so there are various interesting projects such as searching for the four -leaf clover in the image, and giving the coupon to those who find it, so please come and visit us. Please try.

For reference: St. PATRICK'S DAY advertisement (example)

ST. PATRICK'S DAY AD Example 1 Points: ST. PATRICK'S DAY Holiday Color Green and Motif Clover



This is the holiday sale information in February and March. The largest sale is the PRESIDENT's Day in February and the ST. PATRICK'S DAY in March. By all means, please plan a sale early, advertise, and hold a sale.
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