How your career, "Kelly Slator", who turned 44 years old?

King, a superhuman Kelly Slater, who is active in many fields, has turned 44 years old. Let's take a quick look at his live performance, who is still active or who is still active or as a top professional at the front of the CT tour. ・ It has been shining with 11 degrees World Champ titles so far ・ 55 wins on CT tours ・ Among them, the title is maintained for the fifth consecutive year from 94-98 Has the youngest (20 years old) and the oldest (39 -year -old) world title record at the same time Grasp as an artist (singer -songwriter) from Cocoa Beach in Florida ・ Famous for vegetarians FirewireOver 70%of all the largest shareholders (investors and owners)sauce  OUTER KNOWN brand ownerClick here for detailed articles GO PRO advisor and investor (partially owned stocks from unpacked, partially sold investors and advisors) We are developing and managing new Wave Pool at Wave Pool (Kelly Slater Wave Company) released the other day.Click here for details ・ I made the first 540 to 720? Aerial in Portugal for the first time in Portugal It is a success that can only be said to be a superhuman just by roughly looking at it roughly. And it's amazing that even if you charge such a large wave so far, you will never have a serious serious injury. Even if you listen to your reputation at the tour destination, every local person
"Kelly is a really good person who is friendly and always responds to photography!"
I hear. A superhuman Kelly Slator, which is respected as a role model by surfers around the world, aims to capture the 12th title on the tour this year. I keep an eye on it. The King, Kelly Slater

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