How to select theme in SHOPIFY [Apparel]

by Rin Hirashin

When creating an EC site with SHOPIFY, it is important to select a theme that suits the product.

However, there are more than 100 types of official themes on SHOPIFY, and many people think that it is difficult to select.

Therefore, this time, I will tell you the process of selecting theme, taking the production of an apparel site as an example!

At the beginning

SHOPIFY is a platform born in Canada, and there are many designs for overseas.

When creating a site for Japan, you need to be careful, and you need to choose a design that is easy for the configured user to use and understand.

Let's select the optimal theme so that the purchase rate does not decrease depending on the conductor until the purchase.

Is it a theme that matches the brand in terms of design?

It is necessary to focus on ease of use, not limited to merchandise, and it is important to create a brand -like design with a simple and easy -to -read design.

Therefore, it is necessary to select a theme that can convey the brand image to the user.

Is it a theme that matches the number of products?

One of the features of apparel products is that there are many variations of one brand.

Therefore, it is necessary to select a theme that is easy to search for many products.

There is also a theme that allows you to narrow down the color and size of the product, so we recommend a theme that has a substantial narrowing function.

Is it a theme that makes it easy to see the product image?

When ending users buy apparel products online, you may not be able to see the real thing.

Therefore, the ease of viewing of the product image has a significant effect on the purchase rate.

Therefore, it is also important to select a theme that can use as many images as possible and gain trust in the product.

Recommended theme for apparel sites

Here are three selections: free themes, paid themes, and personally recommended themes.

Free theme [DAWN]

Dawn page image


DAWN has a full screen for the first view,A theme that is suitable for probabilizing the brand image on the TOP pageWill be.

Sale may be held frequently when selling apparel products.

At that time, the big advantage is that the sales banner can be displayed large, so that it is possible to create a flow line that leads to sales promotion.

Although it is a minimal design overall, it also has a function suitable for creating an apparel site, such as displaying size chart and placing product videos.

It is also suitable for creating a site for Japan because it is a theme that supports Japanese.

If you are considering it with a free theme, it will be a recommended theme with a fulfilling content.

Paid theme [IMPULSE]

Impulse page image


ImpulseIt is a recommended theme for brands with actual stores.

It is a theme that has a function that is useful when it is necessary to cooperate with actual stores, such as the store search function and the selection display for store receipt.

Recently, sales of EC sites and actual stores have become the mainstream.

For this reason, the flow of checking on the Internet, such as in stock, and purchasing at the store, is becoming normal.

It is a recommended theme in that these real stores are suitable for brands.

In addition, it is also recommended in that it is easy to find the target product because the narrowing function is substantial.

Extra edition [Context]

Context page image


Context is a theme that can achieve a modern design with a geometric layout.

In addition, you can add a video and the model is walking in the section.It is also recommended for those who want to use moving materials.

In terms of function, it has a slide out cart,

After selecting the button to add to the cart, it is possible to display the car from the side like a pop -up.

Therefore, if you want to buy multiple products, you can reduce the click rate of the user and increase the conversion.

This theme is also recommended when creating an apparel product site.


This time, we introduced the selection of the theme by focusing on apparel products.

When selecting a theme, it is important to understand the brand image, make selections that match the world view, and clarify the necessary functions.

The theme introduced this time is an example, so please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with selecting a theme or building a site!


Rin Hirashin

Account Manager/Designer

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