How to create an Amazon page is effective for uploading!


There are many brands who have created their own sites at SHOPIFY, who are considering opening mall stores such as Amazon, and brands that are already selling on Amazon. So, this time, I will explain how to create a store page that leads to an upsel in Amazon!

About the store page in Amazon

The brand that sells products on Amazon isStoresIt is possible to build a brand store in the store using a free tool called.

It is difficult to convey the characteristics of the brand with the product page alone,By building a store that introduces the brand story and the entire product catalog through text, images, and videos, you can maximize the charm of the brand.

Amazon product page

In addition, since the link to the store is displayed at the bottom of the product page of the product page, by displaying some products in the store, promoting the upload cross cell to the user who has transitioned from one product page. I can.

How to create your own brand stapling in Amazon

First, make sure that you have registered and registered with Amazon.

1. Log in to the Seller Central, click in the order of [Store] and [Amazon Store] from the menu.

Amazon product page

2. Click Create Store.

Amazon store creation page

3. From the store settingsbrand namebrand logoSet and select the product grid display.

Amazon store creation page

4. Click [Page].

Amazon store creation page

5. Click Add Page.

Amazon store creation page

6. Page nameMeta description on the pageEnter The page name is displayed on the menu.

Amazon store creation page

7. Select a template and click [Create Page].

Amazon store creation page

8. Click [Add a new section] from the page section to add content.

Amazon store creation page

9. Confirm the preview, and if there is no problem, click [Submit to the examination] to complete.

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