How to put products directly into the cart from the blog

by Ruka Okuyama

Many people know that one of the best ways to attract customers is engagement, but one of the main methods is to use blogs on websites.

By posting products on blogs and articles, customers can feel the connection with the product, and you can approach customers more easily.

In this article, we will introduce one of the best ways to set an article so that customers can put the product directly in the cart!

Methods and procedures for writing product articles

Relationships and contexts: Product introductions in the blog post will provide readers a valuable context in connection with the content.

Avoid excessive advertising complaints and focus on providing real value to readers.

Use images: Use high -quality images and attractive visuals to introduce products effectively.

Visual content has a great influence on increasing your willingness to buy, so attract attention and invest in attractive images that convey the unique features of the product.

Call to Action (CTA):Incorporates a clear and convincing CTA that encourages customers to put the product into the cart.

Whether it's a button in the blog post or a convincing message that prompts you to act quickly, make sure that your customers can take the next step for the purchase.

Monitoring and optimization: Continue monitoring the performance of the product arrangement in the blog post and repeated based on insights and feedback.

How to add products directly to the cart from the blog

1. In the blog post, you need to create an image of the product along with the button.

2. Select the product page you want to create a link.

Product to Add to Blog Page

3. Access the product URL and enter .xml. ""Then, a page like the screenshot below is displayed.

Product XML

4. Find Variant ID Type from the XML file.

Product ID

5. When this is over, you can create a permalink by adding Cart/Product_id: 1? StoreFront = true at the end of the link.

""With this link, you will be able to put this product directly in the cart without going to the product page first!


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