Go Ride Story Vol.3 What kind of people are in the LA team?

by Mayu Mizoguchi

What kind of culture and values ​​do Go Ride, which are based in LA and Yokohama, have? GO RIDE's past, present, and future of GO RIDE through interviews with working members are "GO RIDE STORY".

This time, we interviewed the members of the LA team.

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Company Lunch

At the beginning

It is Mayu of the Go Ride LA team! I did JOIN in October for Go Ride.
I am from Kanagawa Prefecture, and my favorite is cosmetics, sushi, beer, travel, and outdoor activities. I've just moved to LA recently, so I'm addicted to walking around the neighborhood during the morning running.
By the way, five members, including me, are currently in the LA team. Before moving to an interview with the LA team, first introduce yourself to each member!

This is Chan of the Go Ride LA team.
Go Ride is in charge of account managers, project managers, and support for site construction.
My hometown will be Korea, but I grew up in Japan, and I received all education in Japan, so I sometimes forgot that I was a Korean (laughs).
My favorite things and hobbies are traveling and reading. The rest is to eat delicious alcohol and food, and to camp and Road Trip with your family.

My Name Is Sara and I Was Born in TOKYO JAPAN. I'm Half Japanese Half Persian (IRAN) And Flue In Three Languages ​​(Japan, Farsi, and English). I Love a RT, Playing Games (TV Games, Board Games, Trump Games), Watching Movies and Anime (I Love Horror and Suspense Movies The Most), And Cooking.

This is HAJIME of Go Ride LA team! Born and raised in New York.
I like to eat okonomiyaki and gather with friends and family. My hobby is sports, especially ice hockey, which I started in college, still watches.
To put it simply, I think it's a "challenger to challenge various things."

My hometown is Shinjuku -ku, Tokyo. I was in Japan until the university, but moved to LA in 2006. I love painting since I was a child, and I've always been drawing only the pictures without showing any interest in ballet and pianos that I have been learning all the time. The university has found a painting teacher in Los Angeles after the migration of the United States, and has become more interested in realistic oil paintings and drawing. The reason is that "I don't want to find myself when I draw a picture." Now I can usually sketch what I see with my eyes. Photos are one of the interests in college. I used an Austrian toy camera called LOMO, which was popular at that time, to try various developments and play. After moving to Los Angeles, I loved movies. I like the place, writer and film producer friends, and I really like talking to creators who are active in the back stage of the movie. Then there are two children. It's already big, 13 and 9 -year -old girls. The story of the children is interesting and fresh, which leads to my ideas.

LA team with members with various backgrounds. You can feel the "diversity" in Go Ride's Vision. Actually, the first impression when I met the members was "rich personality" (laughs) I feel that new ideas and other ideas are born through communication with members.

How long has you Join to go ride? The decisive factor of joining the company.

So how did the members with different backgrounds decide Join to Go Ride?

It has been three and a half years since Join to go ride. It was a field where I could make use of my experience, and at the time I was a small company/team, including me and the representatives, so I decided to do JOIN because I thought it would be possible to do various interesting things. Three and a half years ago, I interviewed GO RIDE's representative Hirashima on Face to Face, but one of the points was that I was impressed with Hirashima that there was no lie.

2years. In My INTERVIEW TOYO TALKED about TACKGROUND SUCH AS TRAVELING AROUND THE WORLD BY HIMSELF SS from Scratch, and I Was Really Impressed with TOYO'STORY. by Joining Go Ride Team I Thought I Clearn and Learn Gain. Powerful Experience and Skills to IMPROVE Myself.

Join to go ride for 7 months. At first I was interested in GO RIDE's "Work Hard, Play Hard" work culture and applied. The reason was that I wanted to use maketing and e -commerce that I studied at college as a job.

It is in the middle of December. I joined the company from a sudden photo shoot! Originally, I like digital media and graphic design, and I became interested in the construction of digital media websites while providing Instagram content to my acquaintance or managing Instagram accounts. rice field. After three months at a friend's company (also a LA local company that undertakes Shopify construction), I found a recruitment of Go Ride when I was thinking of working in the same direction. By the way, I remembered that Go Ride followed my account on Instagram and applied for it. smile

I feel that each thought and opportunity have led to JOIN, such as Go Ride fields, cultures, my skills and career goals. There was also a story about interviews with Hirashima, and the impression through the story was one of the decisive factors.
I was strongly attracted to the phrase of "Creating a fan across borders" in Go Ride's Mission, and I wanted to build a career in the field of the e -commerce that I was interested in, so I learned that I contacted Hirashima directly with momentum. I am.

How about actually join to Go Ride?

I heard about JOIN, but after that, I would like to ask how I actually spend time with Go Ride!

I was nervous at first, but I feel that all the employees are kind and have a very good teamwork. In particular, I feel the goodness of the frankness of everyone waving and bye after the meeting.


I'm busy (laughs) I'm really busy, but it's worthwhile. Working at Go Ride can further feel the potential and growth of yourself, and above all, you will directly receive the client's reaction after delivery, so there is a sense of accomplishment.

I have just participated, but I am looking forward to being able to interact with you in the future.

Personally, I was surprised at the frankness that waved after the meeting and bye -bye (laughs).


LA's favorite place, things, culture

Go Ride, which values ​​LifeStyle, what kind of days do LA members actually spend?

I moved to LA in February and lived on the seaside, so I often come to the sea for a change. Recently I started surfing. However, I can't really swim, so I'm worried that I can always live. Other than that, I haven't been able to go very much anywhere due to the influence of Corona, so I want to adventure more when I am calm.

There is one favorite coffee shop. Not only is the coffee delicious, but the community around the coffee shop is wonderful. It is a wonderful environment where you can always know if you go, laugh with no other love, share each other's work, and help each other for your worries. There is no binding, but it looks like a TV show where someone always stay there. As a Corona, the number of people's travels has decreased, but there are still people who can meet through masks from afar. It is one of the most important everyday for me, with people in various jobs and backgrounds gathering.

LA is a place where people from various races live, so you can easily eat food from various countries, so you like the soul food shops in each country (laughs). I like it.

I'm an Indoor Person, So My Favorite Place in La IS My Home :) But Besides that, I Love Having Good Food Food at My Favorite Restaurant!

There were many answers that enjoyed LA life through their favorite things and hobbies. It is also recommended to drive, surf, and relax because the climate is good. I have a food member so I will introduce a delicious restaurant too!

I sent an individual question!

Finally, I would like to ask the members different questions.
First of all, for the EMI involved in the content day (photography)Favorite Photographer, film director, and whyI heard.

Neither my favorite Photographer nor the artist come out. Lol My favorite film director is Sean Baker, Richard Linklater, and my favorite actor is WiLLEM DAFOE. smile Basically, I like quiet dramas. I like watching the life of others, especially the film director mentioned above. The most interesting everyday that does not happen. I like Willem Dafoe because it's a calm heavyweight. Lol His acting is wonderful, especially at Eternity's Gate where he played Van Gogh.

Interesting views because I like movies! Perhaps the LA team is the most movie.
Next, SARA, who is also involved in digital marketing and content creationWhat is the hottest SNS channel? What is your favorite influencer (Instagrammer, YouTuber, etc.)?I asked.

The most interesting thing is "YouTube". My favorite Japanese YouTuber is "Kiyo" and "Retort" where the game commentary is interesting, and "Belkura" is good and learned a lot in my favorite games. "Taniyan" is good at cooking, and what you make looks delicious! There are various detailed knowledge of dishes, and we explain while making. I don't like the basic gluttony, but I like the valley because they eat very delicious food. In addition, "whimsical cook" is a YouTuber that is cooked and cooks various seafood and is very good at handling fish! My favorite American YouTube Channels is "The Daily Show". I really like the host's TREVOR NOAH talk, so I can listen to the American news headline.

I was surprised at the abundance of YouTube content by watching it very wide ...! You can see that it is a good platform not only as an entertainment but also for deepening the knowledge. It seems that video content will continue to grow in the future.
Next, HAJIME and CHAN, who are involved in the construction of the siteSHOPIFY's strength recommended by Go RideI asked.

At present, due to the influence of Corona, I think that the behavior of "shopping" is shifting from real to online overall.
SHOPIFY is a service that allows you to create an EC site easier than any EC platform, with various useful functions, and you can create a solid EC site even if you have no experience building a site.
If you want to make an online site, create a site that is fun with Go Ride and a great sense for that dream!

The default function is provided by the default, and the function you want is a place where you can reproduce the most functions if you look for the extension app a little. And above all, I think the biggest attraction is that you can manage all management online without renting a rental server. Speaking of site construction, even a major platform WordPress needs to manually manage server and update, so until now it was a reasonable man -hours, but SHOPIFY is simple to manage it as well as construction. I think that the point is attractive and strength.
When I built a site at SHOPIFY three and a half years ago, the construction method was not yet available on the Internet, and it was so large that it was introduced only on some sites on English sites, but in the last three and a half years. Its well -known, and now it is the Share No.1 on the ECOMMERE platform. I think that the future of all online sites in the future is made in SHOPIFY.

What they commonly touchedYou can easily create an EC sitematter. There are various functions including the payment function, and it is attractive that it is easy to manage not only to build sites. Today, when online shopping is getting closer, I feel that the possibility of SHOPIFY is attracting attention. If you have any problems, I would like to help you, so feel free toinquiryplease give me.

What did you think?
The LA team mainly helps clients who are hoping to enter North America. Would you like to create a fan beyond the border with Go Ride?

If you have any questions regarding the construction and operation of EC site at SHOPIFY, please feel free to contact Go Ride.

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