Go Ride Story Vol.1: Who is the representative?

by Miho Kumagai

What kind of culture and values ​​do Go Ride, which are based in LA and Yokohama, have? GO RIDE's past, present, and future are delivered through interviews with working members.

Those who are interested in cross -border e -commerce and overseas business, those who are looking for a SHOPIFY partner, those who are participating in the SHOPIFY community, looking for a job, searching for work, etc.
We will deliver the story that everyone who reads this blog at some edge to know.

Before entrepreneurship career

This time, I would like to talk to Go Ride Co., Ltd., GO Ride Republic, Inc. Representative Director, Toyashima Toyo, which is called "Toyo -san" by employees. The personality is a glimpse of it!

What was Toyo doing before starting a business? Please tell me your career.

Born and raised in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. After graduating from Hokkaido University's Faculty of Economics, he joined an IT venture entrepreneur and was in charge of the US local subsidiary as the person in charge of the North American business. I was stationed in the United States for less than three years, and now I have been mainly the business of the natural web conference tools. Starting from 0 was very exciting, not listing and no structure.

After returning to Japan, I had been a project manager for foreign software (plant design software) for about five years. Therefore,Feel the overwhelming strength of global companiesDid. On the other hand, I felt that I could contribute to the completed company. I had always wanted to start a business and create a service myself, and I was studying coding while having a self -taught and tutor taught after work to prepare for an entrepreneurship. As a trend at that time, if you couldn't write a code anyway to realize the service you want to do, your friends will not gather. However, while doing a salaried worker, I was halfway, so I decided to retire.

Is it a type that makes you feel worthwhile to set 0 to 1 with your own hands?
Do you think your experience of joining a large company before you start a business is now alive?

Perhaps it would have been better to start a business at the timing of returning from the United States, but I wanted to experience a big company once. I think it's the SaaS area now, saying, "Take an overwhelming share" and "make a position without saying".I felt the importance of becoming a category killer with the service.。 I wonder if SHOPIFY can say the same thing.
However, I reflect on the fact that it has been spoiled in a large company.

After retirement, I thought, "It will be the last time in my life," and I think that it will be the last, a 13 -month -round surf (BLOG: My Endless Summer) I came out.

Heavy "culture fit" for work

It's a great action to travel around the world for 13 months! Please let me dig into the surf lip again in another time.
What is Tayo, who has had a lot of experiences, gained the most for his work?

Culture fitis not it. I think it is more important than a skill fit in creating a career. If you feel painful, incitement, or a little uncomfortable at work,You should change the time so that you don't waste timeI think.

Do you respect anyone in doing business?

It is difficult to narrow down to one person. There are many. (smile)

To be strong, Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox. When they were about 10 people, there was a tour in Silicon Valley and I actually went to see it. The dynamism that has grown from several people to 1 trillion yen is amazing. At that time, when I sent a message on Facebook, he returned it normally. I don't remember what I was participating in the tour, but I respect anyone to get into the fair.

Value "Positive impact given to society"

When you listen to the story, are you attracted to "big growth"?

I don't think the size is everything. Rather than wanting to make the company biggerI want to give a more positive impact on societyI think.

I always want to provide an environment where I can be happy through my work. The passion of wanting to be a comfortable company may not lose. I work to be happy and I think I'm alive, so if I can't do the fundamental root, I feel it doesn't make sense to do it. It includes rewards.

So I think it is good to have a high profit. For example, even an acquaintance's company has more than 30 people in a company with less than 30 people, and operating income exceeds 300 million. It is not great? This number.

It would not be good if your job was producing misfortune. It's easy to say in your mouth, and in fact it may be very difficult, but at least you have aspirations. The speed that is being advanced may be slow, but I want to fill in one millimeter.

I see! Because the vision is large, it seems that you will not be very satisfied. (smile)

That may be. (smile)

Of course, I don't think it's worth it unless you get the result. I think it's important to make a track record anyway.

Of course, the inside of the company, and the clients and people involved with GO RIDE want to aim for happy.

Really so! While cherishing the present, I want to continue to grow Go Ride with the growth of clients.

What did you think?

Next time, I would like to dig deeper about how to start a business and how Ride has grown!

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