[FOOD] Eight selections of delicious overseas ramen shops

If you go abroad or stay abroad for a long time, you will definitely want to eat a national soul food among Japanese food, especially after drinking ramen, especially after drinking alcohol overseas. And the excitement of eating ramen while being hungry for Japanese food overseas is many times that of eating ramen in Japan. Introducing overseas ramen shops that are recommended from the experience of eating ramen abroad considerably. 8. Yamato FireLa, NY, NJ America all over the United States The classic classic is mainly in Super Mitsuwa in the United States. The price is a food court, so it is reasonable for $ 10-15 for overseas ramen. 7. IppudoLondon UK This is also a standard, but the price is 2-3 times Japan. It costs about 5000 yen to drink ramen and beer and eat gyoza 6. KanedayaLondon UK The ramen shops opposite London Ippudo are more tourists than Japanese. Just pray that you can go on a day that the taste blur is amazing depending on the day. 5. NaritakeParis France By the way, it is recommended that it flows from the nearby GYOZA BAR and it is a ramen shop in Chiba in Japan, but it is easy to eat. 4. ShinsengumiLos Angeles America Los Angeles is the average taste of Hakata Ramen, a Shinsengumi affiliated ramen in Torance & Gardena 3. DaikokuyaLos Angeles America I don't like the taste of international students after drinking ramen at the ramen shop Hollywood, which is unusually open in the United States, but I don't like that ramen, but you can eat 〆 ramen in LA 2. .Men -chanko -tei New York In the middle of Midtown, there are many Japanese expatriates in the customer base. Ramen shop where nostalgic taste likes and dislikes do not part 1.Ramen shop Hirobarcelona, ​​Spain It seems that high -quality Japanese TV programs have been featured in high -quality Japanese TV programs with many local customers, gyoza and ramen. Push among overseas ramen with a solid taste

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