Five ways to display Instagram feed on websites / EC sites

by Tomoe Onishi

Instagram monthly active accounts are said to be 2 billion in global and 33 million in Japan, increasing year by year.

I think many people operate stores, EC sites, and service sites and already have an account, but do you display them on your own site on your account?

Instagram is used as information dissemination, mainly information, but many sites are created on many sites, mainly BtoC companies.

If you use WordPress for site production, there are plenty of plug -ins, such as "Instagram feed", but the tools for general websites are enriched, but the monthly fee is 20,000 yen per month. And the amount that will burden individuals and small and medium -sized enterprises.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce how to display Instagram feeds on the site, focusing on free items.

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The merit of displaying Instagram feed on the site

1. It leads to attracting customers and acquisition of fans

If you already have an Instagram account and operate, I think there will be some inflow to Instagram → your site, but by installing a widget on your own site, you can expect the reverse inflow, so you can get fans and likes. Will increase. In addition, users who directly access the company's site are relatively interested and interested in their content and products, and if you have a wide range of flow lines from the site to Instagram, you can publicize the Instagram account, and even more. You can get interested.

2. The site is a little fashionable just by installing a widget

Even if you are a minimal or simple site, you can see the same size Instagram image with square. It is recommended because the simpler site can be visually appealing. In addition, by incorporating a seasonal posted image, you can easily give a sense of update than a blog.

3. Natural branding effects by giving a sense of unity between your own site and Instagram

By displaying it on the site, you can post images that are conscious of the design and image of your site and the unified world view, and you can expect a natural branding effect. Instagram has many users browsing with basic mobile devices, but by looking at posted images on a larger monitor, you will be aware of how to shine and the basic Instagram "giving a sense of unity in the posted image" and improves shooting skills. And posted images are baptized ...

Let's introduce services that can be used for feed display.


Responsive ○

It is a recommended feed app for those who operate EC sites in SHOPIFY.
(If you are not using SHOPIFY, please skip!)
Among the feed apps, the basic functions are free and can be easily implemented.
First of all, it is a content that can be answered without any problems with the needs of wanting to display in -house accounts.

By the wayOur corporate siteIt is also built on SHOPIFY, and the feed is displayed using this app.

There are two types of paid plans, you can change the layout from the default, filter posts with a specific hashtag, and upgrade according to the need for function expansion.


Responsive ◎

A worldwide major embedded widget.
It is a tool that automatically generates widgets that automatically display photos posted on Twitter and Facebook, not only on Instagram.
The usability can be created quickly like Facebook's official widget.
Creating and customization are easy, and installation is free, free, easy, easy.

SnapWidget problems
Snapwidget is free, but the loaded image is linked to Snapwidget instead of Instagram.
If you register as a paid, you can fly directly to Instagram a month, and you can get it for each hashtag by using a $ 10 or $ 10 plan.
It is inevitable in the free range, but it is not very good for sites where images such as companies and brands are important.

So I will introduce another method.
The difficulty level goes up a little, but even if you click the image, you will not move directly to Instagram and there is no advertisement.

3. Instagram API + Instafeed.js

Responsive △

"Instagram API"Is the JavaScript plug -in"Instafeed.js"How to link to the site in cooperation with.
If you don't have some knowledge of HTML and JS, you may find it a little difficult, but you can install it by proceeding according to the step.
EC platform ( *) can be installed with JavaScript, so it can be installed on most EC sites.
* Mall type (Rakuten, Yahoo! Shopping), shopping cart ASP type (MAKESHOP, shop serve), open source type (WordPress, EC CUBE) can actually implement both PCs and mobile indications for both PCs and mobile indications. 。
Responsive and customization can be changed in various ways if you have the knowledge of HTML and CSS, but the size and number of images to be displayed can be easily set by just tweaking the code to be installed.

The procedure is as follows.

  1. Log in to Instagram to create a client for API acquisition
  2. Get Instagram user ID
  3. Get access tokens
  4. Set on the website using Instafeed.js

Precautions when using Instagram API
* Instagram API has been approved since June 2016.
In normal use, you will use the restricted test mode "Sandbox Mode". Even though it is a restriction, it is unlikely to pass with the purpose of installing a widget on the website, but it seems that it is a very strict screening, such as having to submit an application explanation video of the app.

The main contents of the restrictions on Sandbox Mode are as follows ・ Up to 20 data that can be displayed
・ Call up to 500 times per hour
・ Cannot get data from other users
In the future, it seems that it can be used without any problems on the general scale website and EC site.

4.SAUCE (Former Snapptt)

Responsive ◎ 

Although it is the same embedded Wezit as SnapWidget, SAUCE is an EC site tool that allows you to purchase products from widgets.
In collaboration with SAUCE, you can select the image you want to display on the site from the images posted on the Instagram, create a profile page (Instagram Shop), and connect the Instagram and EC sites. If you upload a lot of coordination images, you can use it like a catalog that can be purchased directly.

Examples of apparel brands

5. Visumo Social

Responsive ◎

This is a service that has increased domestic market share as a UGC (user -generation content) utilization tool that can work with Instagram, and has been introduced.
The cost is paid and private, so you need to make inquiries, but there is also the merit of having you support the implementation.
Since it is not a simple feed display service, it can be collected and used UGC, so it is recommended for businesses aiming for maximizing sales and using users.



By greatly appealing Instagram at your store, users who visit the site or shop may follow Instagram or increase fans. From the display as a mere feed, there are diverse usage, such as galleries and catalogs. By creating such a point of contact, you can convey the world view of the shop and enhance the connection with the return. If you haven't been able to use Instagram so far, please try this opportunity!

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Tomoe Onishi

Tomoe Onishi


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