Finally landing in Japan! I went to the D2C brand ALLBIRDS store.



Today, I went to the D2C shoe brand "ALLBIRDS", which was just opened in Harajuku the other day, so I will send you a situation.

What kind of brand is Allbirds?

A D2C brand from San Francisco launched by former New Zealand player Tim Brown. It has sold more than 1 million feet in two years since its release in 2016. Speaking of allbirds online stores, it is built by Shopify, but it is the most popular shoe brand in the Shopify store worldwide. (2020/1 current reference)

The typical model is made of New Zealand's Merino Wool material, and the texture like felt is excellent. The comfort was described as "World's Most Comfortable Shoe" by American news magazine TIME.

In addition to comfort, it is gaining support from a wide range of people through environmentally friendly sustainable initiatives. Many people are fans with the feeling of "I want to support this brand!"

Allbirds online store

Opened the first store in Japan on January 10th

1 minute walk from Harajuku Station. There is a shop when you leave Takeshita Exit and walk a little on your right.

State of the entrance. At your feet, the letters "CHEERS" welcome you. It's a little bit, but I'm happy to be welcomed.

Signage immediately after entering the entrance. The decoration around this is very cute. A display that conveys the concept of an environmentally friendly brand.

Although the inside of the store is not wide due to its elongated construction, it is a space with no cramped and pressure on sneakers on the walls one pair.

It is displayed on the wall for each model. It's a bit like a museum and cute.
The mirror is also shaped like a wooden, a cloud -shaped shape, and the image is unified, and the brand is transmitted.

There is also an explanation about the material like this. Just by looking around the shop, you will naturally come to mind that it is such a brand. If you see the back of the brand and your thoughts, you just want to buy it.

Japan's online store opened in April

ALLBIRDS is a brand that has been conducting all -sided and consistent branding, such as actual stores, SNS, and websites, and has enhanced customer engagement. Regardless of online or offline, there are many fans around the world by correctly convey the values ​​of the brand they want to convey to customers.

I think that the actual store will decline due to the development of the online store, and that is not the case. I wonder if it will play a role as a point.

The same applies not only to stores but also for Popup. It's very important to see the product or talk to the branded people.

Right now, Allbirds has no Japanese EC site, but it seems that the online store in Japan will open in April 2020! I'm really looking forward to how AllBirds, which continues to acquire fans around the world, will develop in Japan in the future.

What did you think.

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