[FESTIVAL] Japan's largest free outdoor festival! "TOYOTA ROCK FESTIVAL2015" 10/24 (Sat), 25 (Sun) @ Toyota Stadium

Exhibition: Earth Garden

Entering is free, but the appearance is gorgeous!

Turtle ISLAND DACHAMBO Zubon's Little Tempo Cro-Magnon Kisel Yohei Miyake Chan-Mika Band T-T-shaped S Tofubeats Moroha (((Sara))) The Otogibanashi's Harada Chah OLE OLE Dickfoggy Myers Rock feat.machaco Never Young Beach Memories A Team A Nice VIEW Suga Dirotorio The Act We Act DANCINTHRUTHENIGHTS OKADADA CAMPANELLA Lufu Karma Rap Brains Hayassen/Totalize Misoов Quita ч Cho) NOUSLESS Front! Alkdo (Turtle Island Acoustic) Wind Music General & Chamban Jah K.S.K and One Love Family Band Beard Orchestra Alayatatsu & The Space soil CHANT K SUNSHINE FUNK BANDAY MORNING ORCHESTRA Bogie Bogie YAS OIL THE WELLCARS Children, Sound, Songs, Wheels, Wheels, Lee, Chinnens Tsuji Tsuji Tsuji Tsuji Yukiko Furube Natural See DOCCUPATIONS Machiguwa -Shisa folk song group Eri -da Star Taluga Giant Steps… and More

There are plenty of events other than live such as CAMP

Painting and FMX events!

FMX Air Jack

"FMX Air Jack" will be held! A motorcycle flies in the air at Toyota Stadium! Japanese top riders gather! Experience freestyle motocross SHOW of excitement and excitement at Toyota Rock Festival 2015!

Sunrise Park

There are plenty of sports content centered on soccer and football! An expertistic event area that mixes music, football and communication that can be enjoyed by children to adults.

Sweets Street

A 19 Iroturidori sweets shop, including the flower shop SORA, will color the Toyo Rock venue in a heterogeneous! It is irresistible for the sweet tooth.

Live Painting

Speaking of festivals, painting! A live painting artist who colors the Toyo Rock venue appears in the green field next to the One Love Stage!

The operation of TOYOTA ROCK FESTIVAL is performed by volunteers

Most of Toyo Rock is a volunteer in the management staff. Local "people who like festivals" in their 20s and 40s or "people who want to do interesting things in the Chubu district and locals" gather, from the guidance of the store opening in the venue, the opening of the store to the withdrawal work, Volunteer Toyo Rock staff play most roles related to management. The important concept of Toyo Rock from the beginning, the password of all the staff, the "free festival rooted in areas where adults can enjoy it", and will continue to incorporate your opinions and have free entry free festivals. I want to continue.

"TOYOTA ROCK FESTIVAL will continue the free festival."

TOYOTA ROCK FESTIVAL 2015 It's cool, it would be nice to be able to help each other from a little garbage clearing. From here on, I will send you a little last year.
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Event overview


October 24 (Sat), 25 (Sun), 2015 Toyota Stadium West / East Event Square Turtle Island / Dachambo / Little Tempo / Cro-Magnononon

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.