Facebook and Instagram have a high CV rate! What is "dynamic advertisement"?

In Facebook's ad, "The product I saw on the site during this time, the product was posted in the advertisement ... Oh, there was such a product." 。 Let's take a closer look at the convenient "dynamic advertisement" that allows you to implement and post ads that match the viewer's interest and post related information.

What is Facebook dynamic advertising?

Facebook dynamic advertisement
https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/facebook-create-ad-dynamic-ads Dynamic advertisements are dynamic retarter gating ads displayed on Facebook, and advertisements are displayed according to highly related interest and interests based on user browsing history. By combining demand and timing in that way, it is more likely to lead to purchases and contracts. For example, for users looking for T -shirts, T -shirts and similar products they have browsed before are posted on ads. Mainly such products are displayed ・ Products viewed on websites and apps ・ Popular products in the products produced ・ Products in which target layers and similar users perform action on Facebook or web page


〇 Place where you can install
Facebook ·feed ・ Right advertising frame ・ Marketplace Instagram ·feed Audience Network ・ Native, banner, interstial
〇 Type of ads
Photo advertisement ・ Display one photo ・ Text (displayed on the main advertising material): Recommended for 125 characters ・ Heading: Recommended within 25 characters ・ Link explanation: Recommended within 30 characters Carousel advertisement ・ Multiple images and videos flow sideways in one frame ・ Text (displayed on the main advertising material): Recommended for 125 characters ・ Heading: Recommended within 40 characters ・ Link explanation: Recommended within 20 characters Collection advertising(Use restrictions available) ・ Display by combining multiple videos and images ・ Text (displayed on the main advertising material): Recommended for 90 characters ・ Heading (displayed on four advertisement products): Recommended within 25 characters

Work required for installation

1. Create an account with Facebook Business Manager To start Facebook dynamic ads, you need a Facebook Business Manager account. https://business.facebook.com/overview/ 2. Create a product catalog A list of product data on your site Describes information about one item (ID, name, category, stock status, product URL, image URL, other product information). Or another catalog of products hosted online through SHOPIFY, WooCommerce, BIGCOMMERCE, MAGENTO. * Businesses that support multiple languages ​​need to create a catalog for each language. 3. embeds the facebook pixel (measurement tag) on ​​the website

Compatible industry

Although there is no business in the industry, travel, retail, and real estate have dynamic ads specialized for each industry.
〇 For retail (Dynamic Ads for Retail)
Cooperation with actual stores ... Display product introductions and maps according to the stock of nearby stores
〇 For travel (Dynamic Ads for Travel)
Hotel advertisements ... Display hotel facilities and reserved rooms Flight advertising ... Display flight routes that can be reserved for flights Destination advertising ... Display cities and sightseeing spots
〇 For real estate (Dynamic Ads for Real Estate)
Detailed introduction of properties ... Display images, amounts, maps, etc. of similar properties that users want

Dynamic advertising success case


Dynamic advertising material option

〇 Overlay
You can display information about prices and shipping fees on each advertisement product. By using the overlay, you can focus on dynamic ads.
〇 coupon
You can display coupons that can be used by viewers. * The only advertisement format that can be used when adding a coupon to a dynamic advertisement is Carousel.

Benefits of dynamic advertising

・ The conversion rate can be expected to increase the conversion rate by displaying the advertisement according to the demand of the viewer. ・ Reach to Facebook and Instagram users used by many people to expand the awareness of brands and shops and aim for new customers. ・ If you set it, it will automatically select the product, so you will not need to create an advertisement each time.


In this way, how about the introduction of a dynamic advertisement on Facebook, which has a reputation for being a new advertising style and suggesting a product tailored to users, and having a high conversion rate such as increasing sales?
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