Explains the WMS "Open Logi" recommended for cooperation with SHOPIFY


WMS (warehouse management system) that is indispensable in EC site operation

On the recent EC site, it is a warehouse management system that has become commonplace.

In Shopify, we will introduce which warehouse management app is recommended!

What is WMS?

WMS is in the first placeTypicallyWarehouse Management System (Warehouse Management System)It refers to the abbreviation. In the EC, WMS is a system used to improve and optimize various activities in the warehouse, from ordering to shipment of products.

The main roles of WMS include inventory management in warehouses, ordering order processing, plans and execution of replenishment and picking work, shipping treatment, stock tracking and monitoring, and reporting in integrated management. 。

Main functions of WMS

Inventory control

We track the stock status in the warehouse in real time and provide accurate inventory information. This allows you to visualize the inventory and maintain accurate inventory.

Ordering order

We will automatically receive order information and determine the priority and processing method of ordering. In addition, check the stock status of ordered items, and automatically emit alerts when inventory or appropriate replenishment is required.

Replenishment / picking work

We plan for efficient inventory and picking work. Replenishment is a re -placed product in the warehouse to make up for the lack of stock, and picking refers to removing the product from the warehouse according to the order. It is possible to reduce the time and cost of work by proposing the optimal route and work procedure and giving efficient instructions to the worker.

Shipping treatment

Manage shipping and execution. Provides accurate shipments and optimize the shipping procedure and delivery route of the product. In addition, inspections and inspections at the time of shipment are performed for stock tracking and quality control.

Tracking and monitoring

Track and monitor products and inventory. Use the technologies such as barcodes and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to track the position and movement of each product, and maintain the accuracy of inventory.

Data analysis

We collect information such as progress status of work in the warehouse and inventory data, and provide real -time reports and analysis. This supports strategic decision -making, such as improving efficiency, identifying problems, and predicting future demand.

Benefits of introducing WMS

  1. Highly efficient
  2. Inventment accuracy and visibility
  3. Reduction of picking error
  4. Improvement of customer satisfaction
  5. Real -time analysis and decision -making

Highly efficient

It promotes work automation and efficiency, reducing working time and human mistakes. Efficient replenishment, picking work and accurate inventory management will improve the work ability and productivity of the warehouse.

Inventment accuracy and visibility

Improves stock accuracy and visibility. Real -time inventory information and tracking function can prevent inventory shortage and excess, and accurate delivery time to customers can be observed.

Reduction of picking error

Reduce picking errors to provide accurate picking procedures and work instructions. You can prevent the shipping and delivery delays of wrong products.

Improvement of customer satisfaction

The process from order processing to shipment will be smooth, enabling accurate delivery date and shipment of correct products. This leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Real -time analysis and decision -making

Collect data and provide real -time analysis and reports. Utilizing information such as stock trends and work progress, you can make decisions such as efficiency improvement and future demand forecast.

In this way, WMS has many benefits, and it is a service that should be introduced to improve warehouse management efficiency and optimize inventory management.

Recommended WMS app "Open Logi" in SHOPIFY

SHOPIFY has a lot of WMS (Warehouse Management System) apps to expand functions such as inventory management and ordering processing, but this time we will introduce open logi (Openlogi).

OpenLogi (OpenLogi)

Open Logi is a WMS application that can centralize Shopify order processing and inventory management. It is possible to manage multiple warehouses and stores, and can efficiently manage inventory management, picking, packing, shipping, etc. Open logistics can also provide full -fill in transportation and delivery, so it supports shipping to Japan and overseas. It supports not only the company's logistics bases but also third -party logistics warehouses and stores, so it is possible to build logistics flexibly.

Features of OpenLogi

Providing open API

One of the features of open logs is to provide an open API. By using this API, it is possible to link with e -commerce sites and systems other than SHOPIFY, and automate inventory synchronization and shipping notifications.

Various functions are enriched

Open Logi also provides functions such as optimizing inventory and automating orders. For example, by using the inventory optimization function, you can optimize inventory and transport costs. By using the automation function of the order, it is possible to automate the process from ordering to shipping, which leads to reducing human mistakes and hand -working mistakes.

Cross -border system

It is developed overseas, including logistics bases in Japan, so it can be used for cross -border ECs. It also has the functions necessary for overseas expansion, such as multilingual support and customizable systems.

Recommended points that link with SHOPIFY with open logos

Recommended points ①

Centralized management of online stores and logistics services

Combining SHOPIFY and open logos allows you to seamlessly integrate online stores and logistics services. Retailers manage their products on the SHOPIFY platform, and provide logistics services such as open logistics, handling, handling, packing, shipping, and tracking. As a result, the business operator does not need to conduct logistics in -house, and can reduce costs and effort.

Recommended points ②

Improvement of customer service

Open logistics will be in charge of logistics operations, and businesses will not be responsible for delivery problems. Above all, you can collect data and request delivery.

The number of resources of employees is less to be divided into delivery. As a result, open logistics quickly delivery and tracking services will lead to improving customer services.

Recommended points ③

Scalability that can respond to growth

SHOPIFY and Open Rogi are solutions that can be flexible even if the business of retailers is expanding. Even when adding new products and regions, it sells high expandability that can be easily integrated.

How to use SHOPIFY and open logos

Use of full -fillment service

Open Logi offers a full -fillment service that provides everything from ordering to delivery instead of business operators. Retailers can only send the stock to the open logs and receive orders in the online store, and leave the remaining work to the open logistics.

Integration with our own warehouse

You can integrate SHOPIFY and open logos even if the business operator has its own warehouse. In this case, the order is managed by SHOPIFY, and the open logistics will handle, packed, shipping, etc.

Integration of multiple stores

Even if you run multiple online stores, you can integrate SHOPIFY and open logos. This allows you to centrally manage products and orders in all stores.

Compatibility with various external apps

SHOPIFY and Open Logi can be integrated with many third -party services and applications. For example, SHOPIFY app store has various tools such as email marketing, customer support, accounting, and SEO. Businesses can use these tools to achieve more effective business management.

Which businesses are recommended for combining SHOPIFY and open logos?

Companies that sell products online that are not specialized in logistics operations

Even small companies that are difficult to do logistics operations in -house or companies that do not specialize in logistics operations can provide efficient logistics services by utilizing the combination of SHOPIFY and open logistics.

Companies that need to expand logistics in growth strategy

As you grow, it is important to efficiently expand logistics operations. The combination of SHOPIFY and the open logos can be flexible as the expansion, so it is also useful for companies that need to expand logistics for growth strategies.

Companies that want to provide high -quality logistics services

Open logistics are known for providing high -quality logistics services. By utilizing open logs, businesses can provide a customer service for quick and accurate delivery and troubles.


As mentioned above, combining SHOPIFY and an open logi is very useful for businesses. However, it is not always necessary for companies that perform logistics operations in -house or companies that specialize in logistics operations.

It is important to select the optimal business model according to the situation and needs of the company.

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