Explain the points when moving from EC-CUBE to SHOPIFY


In recent years, the world's largest EC platform SHOPIFY has become widely recognized in Japan. Along with that, the number of Japanese support and Japanese support apps are increasing, and it is expected that the introduction will be increased in Japan.
You may have been attracted to the expandability of SHOPIFY and ease of operation, and may have considered a transition to SHOPIFY, not only new, but also a business that has already been operated on other platforms.

This time, I would like to introduce the transition from EC-CUBE, which has been frequently inquired recently, to SHOPIFY, especially the products and customer data, and introduce the points when shifting.

Go Ride Co., Ltd. has a track record of shifting thousands of product data and hundreds of thousands of customer data in the past, so I will explain it based on practical experience.

If you are considering the transition from EC-CUBE, please take a look.

About the management data of SHOPIFY


SHOPIFY is due to simple standard functions and app introductionsScalability is a strength. For this reason, there are cases where X does not have a common function, or it cannot be implemented without customizing.

Data management is the same, SHOPIFY standard functions can be set only as basic information, and can be enhanced by metal fields and apps as needed.

If you do not understand the standard function of each platform, the data transfer will not work or you will have trouble due to lack of knowledge.

To prevent smooth migration and troubles, let's check the precautions based on implementation experience.

Be careful when moving from EC-CUBE to SHOPIFY [Product data]

1. Product information

  • Shipping fee and shipping date

You cannot set it for each product and you have to change the operation. The shipment date can be registered for each product by setting meta field settings and customizing theme.

  • Description of item

Both EC-CUBE and SHOPIFY can freely insert text, images and videos in the product description. However, at the time of the migration, it is necessary to extract with the HTML code and adjust the line breaks with a tag. You must also convert the URL of images and videos to the URL incorporated in SHOPIFY.

  • Category, tags and search words

SHOPIFY has no concept of categories or search words, so you need to put it together. This tag is not displayed as a tag icon and can be confirmed only on the management side. If an icon display is required, it is necessary to create a transition metafield and customize it.

  • SKU and barcode

The barcode will be the product code of EC-CUBE. SKU is needed for inventory cooperation with the outside, so businesses without SKU set the same value as the product code.

2. Date settings

EC-CUBE has a function to trigger the date, reception date, and reservation start date, but SHOPIFY is not standard equipment. However, you can take over data using theme customizations and apps that have set metafields in a date format.

3. Product image

EC-CUBE and SHOPIFY have no significant difference in the specifications of the registered image. However, at the time of the migration, it cannot be registered with the image URL of EC-CUBE, and must be registered with the URL incorporated in SHOPIFY. Since we have a back-end engineer, it is possible to register in a lump with the image URL of EC-CUBE.

Be careful when moving from EC-CUBE to SHOPIFY [Customer data]

1. Items at the time of new registration

In the standard function of SHOPIFY, only "name", "email address", and "password" are registered items. Shopify, such as "Name (Kana)", "Birthday," registered on EC-CUBE, must be saved in a metal field or a member registration item in SHOPIFY using the app. I have.

2. Date information such as registration date and final purchase date

The date information recorded in EC-CUBE cannot be transferred to SHOPIFY. For example, data cannot be connected as a registration date or final purchase date in SHOPIFY. It is possible to install it in a metafield for record that does not fluctuate.

Member ID and password

When moving and registering as a member, SHOPIFY cannot automatically take over the membership ID. In addition, the password cannot be taken over. After the migration, you need to send an email that encourages all users to reset.

Understand correctly and move to SHOPIFY

 When moving to other platforms, not limited to SHOPIFY, you need to adjust the system and operation to the destination. As explained that not to be noted and the standard function, SHOPIFY's strength is the customizability that allows you to freely combine the necessary functions using the app.

This time, we have introduced some points to be aware of, but it is necessary to pay close attention not only to SHOPIFY but also when migrating. Go Ride Co., Ltd. has a wealth of experience and experience of replacement from EC-CUBE. Businesses who are considering transition from EC-CUBE will definitely be once.HerePlease contact us.

Thank you for reading for me until the end.

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