Explain how to use EC sites using business reconstruction subsidies

by Jumi Waki

What is a business reconstruction subsidy?

First of all, I will explain the business reconstruction subsidy that started in 2021.

The impact of the new colonavirus infection has become prolonged, and it is difficult to expect immediately recovery in demand and sales, and it is important to promote the transformation of the Japanese economy by supporting business rebuilding of small and medium -sized enterprises to respond to changes in economic society.

Therefore, it will support the challenge of small and medium -sized enterprises that are motivated to rebuild the business of new field deployment, business change, business change, business format, or reorganization of business.

There are a total of eight application slots.

(The ninth application frame was six in total, but the 10th frame increased to 8).

・ Growth frame

・ Green growth frame

・ Graduation promotion frame

・ Large -scale wage -dedicated promotion frame

・ Industrial structure conversion frame

・ Minimum wage frame

・ Price rise to soar, recovery reconstruction support frame

・ Supply chain tough frame

The application requirements differ depending on each frame, but the requirements for all frames are as follows.

(1) Regarding business plans

Businesses themselves to create a business plan in line with the business reconstruction guidelines, and receive confirmation of a supporting institution, a lawyer, tax accountant, financial institution, etc.).

You can search for support organizations from the following sites.

★Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Authorized Management Innovation, Support Organization Search System


② To improve the added value

It is necessary to increase the added value of 3.0 to 5.0%(depending on the application slot), which is added value 3 to 5 years after the end of the subsidy project, or to increase more than 3.0 to 5.0%(depending on the application frame) per employee.

It may take some time to confirm the support organization such as (1) accredited management innovation, so we recommend that you respond with plenty of time.

The 10th open recruitment has already been closed, and the next information is still undecided, but if you are considering applying, please check the 10th public offering on the official website for reference.

★Business reconstruction subsidy official website


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Is it possible to build an EC site?

It is possible to launch an EC site using a business reconstruction subsidy, but there are things to be aware of.

(1) EC site construction is just a means, not a purpose.


You must submit a business plan to apply for a subsidy.

There is a high possibility that it will not be adopted in the business plan of simply building an EC site!

You have to formulate a plan that incorporates how to attract customers using EC sites, to increase sales, and how to make use of your strengths.

It is also important to explain why it is necessary to build an EC site with a subsidy in an easy -to -understand manner.

(2) The full amount of EC site construction cost is not paid.

The amount of 1/2 to 2/3 of the auxiliary frame applied is paid as a subsidy.

③ Items provided by businesses that make EC sites

・ System construction cost

・ Cloud service usage fee

·Outsourcing cost

・ Expenditure expenses

Let's take a look at examples that were actually adopted on the premise of building an EC site with the business reconstruction subsidy.

From food wholesale sales for B to B, expanded sales channels to B to C on EC site (industrial change)

The first is a business plan that has established an EC site to expand sales channels not only for businesses, but also for businesses.

Until now, the company has been selling food to businesses, but due to the increase or decrease in ordering, stable revenue has become unable to expect a new EC site for individuals, launched a sales site for individual consumers, and planned to expand sales channels.

Although I had no experience in selling EC sites for individuals, I was evaluated and adopted for the experience of operating EC sites for B2 B operators that I have already operated, and that I have long experience as a food wholesale.

EC site cake sales from cafe management (new field deployment)

The second is a business plan for business operators that have been operating cafes at stores as restaurants to establish an EC site where consumers can accept access and orders.

The fact that sales were not stable in the repetition of the café and opened the store was explored as a "profitable" business at the same time as "providing value to customers without visiting the store".

As a result, together with the advantages of the “event business” conducted in conjunction with the cafe business, the business plan was made and adopted a business plan called “EC site building that sells cakes that have a good reputation and reputable at cafes”, which combines event planning and cafe -like.

Sales of sushi shops diversified management + Sale part of the product on the EC site (business change)

An example of adoption of the third EC site construction is a business plan for a business operator who has been running a sushi store for many years.

The business operator has managed several sushi stores, but considering the profitability and the future, we considered making some of them a different store.

In addition, we developed a long -lasting product at the same time, and made a business plan on the premise of building an EC site that can sell gift sales and store reservations.

In addition, when it comes to diversification management of restaurants that handle other types other than sushi, it seems that it is difficult to evaluate when it comes to the diversification management of restaurants that handle other types other than sushi, but it is a store that deals with high -quality ingredients other than sushi, using high -quality ingredients used in sushi restaurants, increasing the number of raw materials at the same time. His background was highly valued and did not affect the adoption results.

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How was it?

I hope you can use the subsidy system to start a new business.

If you have any problems with EC site construction or maintenance, please consult us once.

We are also support businesses for IT introduction subsidies. Please feel free to contact us!


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