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At Go Ride NewsAIWe have distributed many articles related to this, but this article isChat GPTIt is an explanation article about the application that can be introduced to SHOPIFY! (Regarding CHTAT GPTHerePlease take a look at the article, so please take a look.

Chat GPTIs a large language model developed by OpenaiTask of natural language processingYou can do. Specifically, you can generate, translate, answer questions, and summarize sentences, learn the languages ​​we use on a daily basis, and use them to conduct conversations. 。

In other words, Chat GPTAI that can chat like a humanIt is that. Introducing Chat GPT to SHOPIFY can also be paraphrased as increasing customer satisfaction when using the EC site using Chat GPT.

Product recommendation app released in March of apps that realize this"SmartPick"is.

This time, I will explain what I can do with SmartPick and how to use SmartPick while showing the actual use screen!

What is SmartPick?

SmarpickIs a corporationForestbookIn the Shopify app developed, the official explanation in the SHOPIFY App Store

"This app helps customers find products quickly and easily when the customer asks the chatbot and the AI ​​answers appropriately. Since merchant provides products to customers, it is possible to increase the willingness to purchase, and to provide products that meet the needs of customers, it can be expected that the repeat rate will increase. Furthermore, merchant can understand your purchase behavior and preferences more deeply. This allows you to improve the product lineup and develop more effective marketing measures. On the EC site, it is essential to provide products that meet your needs, but there is a problem that you cannot accurately understand the needs. However, this app allows you to accurately grasp your needs and provide products. In addition, it is hoped that the efficiency of operations such as customer support performed by merchant will be able to make more time to plan and product development of sales strategies, leading to business growth. (Same as it is)

It has been described as.

Summary,SmartPick is an app that is equipped with Chat GPT's AI to answer the customer's chat, present accurate products to customers, raise their willingness to purchase, and further understand needs and realize new marketing measures.is.

As described here, as an advantage

  • Understanding needs
  • You can quickly access the products you are looking for
  • Customer support labor cost reduction

And so on.

The chatbot itself has already become generalized, but the quality of the conventional chatbot has not been a significant reduction in labor costs. However, the quality of chatbots equipped with GPT is different in quality, soThere is a great possibility that the number of people required for customer support will be reduced.

Then, from here on how to use SmartPickActual screenI will explain while showing.

How to use SmartPick

First, install Smartpicks on the store built in SHOPIFY. Search for SmartPick on the SHOPIFY App Store and download SmartPick.

After installation, go to the app section from the SHOPIFY management screen and open the SmartPick setting screen. When you open the setting screen, the setup procedure is displayed as shown in the image above. (The display language can be changed in the bottom section.)

The setup procedure

1. Product registration (for SmartPick)

2. API settings (adjustment of AI response)

3. Install the chatbot in the store from the theme editor

Can be divided into three.

Let's first register the product to SmartPick. "I don't want Chatbot to make a specific product! In that case, it is necessary to register the product manually, but if it is not, it will be for all products.

The first step is now over!

Very easy!

From here, we will adjust the reply of the AI, which is the second step. There are three settings to be made here.

  • Give instructions to become your favorite chatbot, such as language and response details
  • Determine the length of the response to the question from the role. (The longer the response is, the higher the usage fee.)
  • Determine the diversity of the response. (The larger the number, the easier it will be to generate different answers in the same question, and as a result, it will look like a human -like response.)

The basic settings are now completed, and we will introduce chatbots in the store from here.

Online store> Select customization from the theme.

From the section addition, open the app section, select SmartPick, and decide the design of the chatbot displayed in the store.


  • Chatbot image (avatar)
  • Message sent to customers first
  • Chatbot name

Can be set.

When I actually set it and checked it on the demo screen of the store, like thisGPTWe were able to introduce chatbots built with the model!

From here on, I'm going to ask a question to the chatbot on the demo screen! (Deposits are also consumed in the test.)

This time, I asked a question assuming that I would buy a mug registered in the demo store.

Then, mug and mugTumbler, strawThere are and so on. I got a reply. The mug is certainly registered in my demosta, but the tumbler or straw is not registered, so I make a mistake.

Expergently, I tried to buy a straw that did not exist.

As a result, I asked for detailed requests about straws that should not exist, so I wanted a yellow plastic straw and suggested a desk light.







That's not useful at all. 。 。

Probably because of the lack of product information,I say that there are products that do not existGPT at the pointI felt the nature.

By the way, there is a continuation of the previous sentence, and we use the sentence registered as a product description to customers a sentence that raises the willingness to purchase.

Weaknesses that I actually felt

As a result of the introduction of SmartPick in a test, I have found some, so I will summarize it below.

good point

  • Chatbot design, name, response length, language, etc.There are many points that can be customized
  • Smoothly with our customersUnusual conversationBe able to do
  • Send the product description to the customerIncreases your willingness to buy

Bad point

  • Speak as if it exists a product that does not exist(It may be improved by setting tags and product descriptions in detail. The store used this time was not set in detail, so it is highly likely that this was the case. )
  • The AI ​​model cannot be changed (I tried to use the AI ​​model with two models and the recommended usage fee, but it was not available).
  • If you have more than 250 points, you need to register manually


This time, the application that can introduce Chatgpt as a customer support chatbotSmartpickI explained about.

Although there are improvements, the accuracy as a chatbot is so high that it is incomparable to the conventional one, so I am looking forward to the development in the future.

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