EC platform SHOPIFY is easy to use for Japanese people when starting a cross -border EC

by Tomoe Onishi
Recently, the “cross -border EC” business, which sells Japanese products overseas, is attracting attention.

If you want to make a shop for overseas from scratch, the hurdles may be high, but we will introduce the high -performance EC site platform "SHOPIFY" that will help you smartly the cross -border EC from several services.

What is "SHOPIFY"?

It is a unique EC site construction service and a shopping cart system founded in Canada in 2006.

High -functional services such as the simplicity of instant ECs such as BASE and in Japan, the flexibility and multifunctionality of online shop ASPs such as MakeShop, color me shop, and shop serve, 。

There is no server management, so it can be easily sold overseas, and you can create a high -performance online shop that is resistant to marketing tools.

The annual distribution is based on Amazon, which is used in 175 countries around the world, using more than 500,000 online shops.

The monthly fee is $ 29-179 (and there is a high -end plan), the commission is 0.5 to 2%, which can operate a reasonable and low initial investment compared to the domestic EC platform.

Features of SHOPIFY

Operability / customization
  • It can be used with unlimited product points, images, and capacity
  • There are more than 100 templates with high design, including free ones (described later)
  • HTML / CSS can be edited so you can customize
  • Introducing more than 550 plugins including free items to enhance functions easily
  • It can be used with unlimited product points, images, and capacity
  • You can centrally manage sales in cooperation with ebay and
  • Providing POS cash register service linking real stores and online shops
  • Customer support operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Smartphone compatible and responsive default
  • You can smartphone with shop management
  • PayPal's payment system has already been introduced and can be used immediately
  • You can choose multiple payment methods.
  • Compatible with other country currency
Introducing customers / SEO
  • You can attract customers in cooperation with SNS
  • SEO measures / search engines can be optimized

usage fee

The basic plan has enough functions for small businesses.

SHOPIFY THEME that can change the template

SHOPIFY can easily change the design template.

Theme is composed of HTML+SCSS+JS, can be developed from a zero base, and it is possible to purchase or customize existing themes as they are.

How to choose SHOPIFY THEME

In addition to the official store, the theme can be purchased from the marketplace.
The theme that has passed the screening by Shopify is posted, and there is a sense of security because it receives safety and quality and generous support.

There are several free themes.
Unofficial marketplace. The theme is sold at a reasonable price compared to the official.
Template Monster
Also unofficial marketplace. Support is substantial.

SHOPIFY has a free trial

SHOPIFY can be used for 14 days free, so you can create an account and try out operability.
SHOPIFY is a very good service for businesses who are interested in the cross -border EC but are worried about the cost and language.

It has sufficient functions to aim for the global development of the EC store with a view to the future of business, and it is a platform that I would recommend for new stores.

Google AdWords is about 10,000 yen in the store!

I have just launched a shop and attract customers, but the business has started, so I have to collect access ... One of the measures to achieve results as soon as possible is listing advertisements such as Google AdWords.

At SHOPIFY, you will get a Google AdWords advertising credit credit (about 10,000 yen).
What is Google AdWords?

PPC advertisement (click billing advertising) service for advertisers operated by Google. Four types of advertisements: text, image ads, video ads, and rich media ads can be posted on a small budget, and ads can be posted on Google search results and Google partnership websites.
SHOPIFY official blog has more details about operation

How to efficiently operate your 10,000 yen with Google AdWords

You can post advertisements at the same time as the store opened, and may be a foothold in attracting EC startups.
Domestic and overseas online shop / cross -border EC SHOPIFY store production

14 -day free trial SHOPIFY store is openedHerefrom! Go Ride produces and operates EC sites at SHOPIFY.

Please feel free to contact us.

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One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.