Easy to create an EC store! What is Shopify Magic?

by Chie Suzuki

I heard Shopify for the first time if I started an EC site easily, but I don't know where to start! What you want to sell is decided, but what is the effective product description? It's good to make the store, but there's not enough content to create content. I want to ask SHOPIFY professional, SHOPIFY partner, but there is still no cost!


Are you worried about that?


SHOPIFY function,Shopify MagicIf you can use it effectively, it may help you in such a problem.

Here are some of how you can actually use Shopify Magic.


What is Shopify Magic?

First of all, I will explain what Shopify Magic is.

“Shopify Magic IS A SUITE OF FEATURED FEATURES THAT ARE INTEGRATED ACROSS SHOPIFY'S PRODUCTS AND WORKFLOWS TO MAKE IT EASISIER for You RT, Run, and Grow your Business. Shopify Magic Combines All the Power of Shopify with the Latest Advancements in AI Technology to PROVIDE PERSONALIZED CE Management. "

In one wordSHOPIFY's free AI function Supporting store construction, marketing, customer support, etc. in an efficient and personalized formis.


So what kind of situation can you use? I tried together.

Store construction

Shopify Magic supports building an online store that is easy for customers to use with AI. We will generate appropriate product lists and design proposals and help the construction process.

Automatic text generation:

Automatic text generation of SHOPIFY MAGIC supports not only the product description but also the creation of content such as online store headlines and blog writing. This can reduce the time you have to worry about and the resources of blog writing.

Store construction and operation:

Sidekick, one of the functions of Shopify Magic, is a business assistant for AI. Sidekick understands the entire SHOPIFY and has business context, data, and expertise. By using these, we will provide individualized support for various tasks related to the management and growth of the store.

SideKick has not been officially launched yet, so if you are interested, please wait for the update!

Those who want to use Sidekick with Early AccessPlease contact Go Ride of SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER. Contact us from here.

Shopify app selection:

SHOPIFY MAGIC's app reviews can be used to identify the best app for user business. SHOPIFY MAGIC summarizes feedback from other shop owners, and then users will help you choose appropriate apps.

Examples of use of SHOPIFY MAGIC

Here are some specific usage examples of Shopify Magic.

Product description, generation of titles

You can use SHOPIFY MAGIC to generate appropriate titles and explanations for the product. It is possible to edit the text generated by AI, so you can use Shopify Magic as an idea complement.

Enter the keywords and features of the product and set up the text tone to create a sentence easily.

By specifying Special Instructures, you can create more accurate sentences.

I had a croissant as an example and made a sentence using Shopify Magic.

What do you think?

A simple product description has been completed simply by entering the keyword with Plain Butter Croissant. It seems that you can get something closer to what you want by inputting Special Instructures.

AI sentences can be used not only for product descriptions, but also for creating content and blog posts on the homepage!

A blog creation example that the store was introduced on TV
SHOPIFYMAGIC usage example in the site content

It seems that you can significantly reduce resources by using SHOPIFY MAGIC.

Let's use it by all means for SHOPIFY operation!



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