Easy exporting necessary data with Excel/CSV! Introduction of functions of DataChamp app


DataChamp Is a SHOPIFY app that allows store owners to easily export data in Excel or CSV format.

Very easy to use and can perform many powerful features that are useful for data management.

With DataChamp, you can create a custom export, schedule it at a specific time, and store it in various remote environments such as Google Drive, Google Spreadsheet, FTP, e -mail, Dropbox, etc.

Examples of DataChamp can be exported at customer list, order details, product information, and inventory level.

How to create a new report

1. DataChamps include several standard reports, but if you want to create a new report, click the New Report button on the dashboard.

2. Select the information you want to get.

・ ORDERS: Recruitment information

・ PRODUCTS: Product information

・ Customers: Customer information

・ Locations: Location and inventory level information

3. Check the items you want to get.

Four. Execute a report

[Run now] ▶ ︎ Click the button to start the report.

Immediately, "Running ..." is displayed in the "Result" column on the right, and when completed, the file name is displayed. You can download by clicking export.

Four. Export the selected order

Select one or more orders in the Shopify order outline. Next, go to "Other Action" and select "DataChamp export".

With this option, the filter applied to the DataChamp report template will not be applied and exported the selected accurate orders.

Five. Report schedule

🕐Click the icon to schedule the report. The scheduled report can be identified by being painted in blue.

Select the schedule you want to export from the option.

  • Every hour

  • At a fixed time every day

  • At a specific time for a particular day every week

  • Specific time of one day or a specific day at the end of January


This time, I introduced DataChamp.

There are some places where it is difficult to understand in English settings, but please use the data you want!

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