[Drive] Super secret! Peace in the city center Yellow leaves spot

The secrets of the city center Yellow leaves spot It is Meiji Jingu Gaienmae There are large facilities such as the "Shotoku Memorial Painting Theater" and "Jingu Stadium", and in the spring and summer, this pleasant green road is filled with ginkgo in the fall. It's exactly an oasis in the city center. There are plenty of parking lots, so you can easily stop cars and are perfect for drive The best season is from mid -November to early December. Ginkgo is so beautifully spread.
Olympus Digital Camera source:OSHMANS
After a walk, the shop you want to visit a little bit is here Royal Garden Cafe Aoyamaeating logI want to be healed by looking at a beautiful ginkgo by drinking an open cafe or a warm milk tea right next to the intersection of Jingumae and 246. Royal Garden Cafe
Royal Garden Cafe Source: Royal Garden HP

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