[DRIVE MUSIC] Recommended Western music Pop Music recommended for drive

Fes such as Silver Week and ULTRA JAPAN are also up close, and September is the perfect season for going out in autumn. Here are 10 Western music selections that make you feel very happy when you drive. First of all, HIPHOP R & B will be specially featured from Pop Music! 1.Calvin Harris Summer It's September, but it's still hot, and it's a song that can be the last summer. Calvin Harris, the most profitable DJ in the world and a boyfriend of Taylor Swift When I Met You in the Summer To My Heartbeat SoundD We Fell in Love As the Leaves Turned Brown ~♪ 2. Mr.PROBZ WAVES Wave After Wave, Pulling Against The Stream ~♪A song that reminds me of a broken heart and the end of the summer when it gets stuck 3.Magic! -RUDE Can I have Your Daughter for the Rest of My Life, Say Yes Yes, Cause I Need to Know ~♪ 4.Katy Perry -THIS IS How We Do It is a song that raises the tension when driving with all my friends. A song that makes you want to sing. This is to we do, year, chilling, laid back Strait Stuntin 'Yeah We Do It Like That ~♪ 5.Bruno Mars -Just the Way You Are There are few people who don't like Bruno Mars on the iron plate, so it's easy to drive with anyone. 6. CARLY RAE JEPSON --I Really Like You It was also used in LINE MUSIC commercials, so many people have heard it? 7. Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj -Bang Bang Ft. Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj Ariana is so cute in Japan. California's Starbucks has a back menu called Ariana Grande. Is it true? 8.Mark Ronson -Uptown Funk FT. Bruno Mars 9.MAROON 5 --Sugar 10. MAROON 5 -MOVES LIKE JAGGER FT. Christina Aguilera What did you think? I would like to write a separate article about HIPHOP R & B and EDM :)

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