[Domestic version] Recommended for staying in the car! Convenient items collection & I went to Ise

This Golden Week went to the Ise Surface Lip for 4 nights and 5 days in the form of a saving trip. It was my first time to stay in the car for 4 consecutive nights in Japan, so I will introduce some useful items among them. I didn't buy something big. Or rather, I'm just surprised by the goodness of Daiso's cost performance.

The best items that were useful for this trip 4

1. Mat of 100 yen per piece bought at Daiso

I slept directly on the first day, but thanks to the next day, it became very comfortable. I can sleep soundly because my back does not hurt. Only 3 pieces of 100 yen were made, and the pillow was 150 yen for Daiso. Indeed, this alone has changed a lot of comfort, but I've been sleeping with blankets, etc. Img_1090

2. 100 yen curtains bought at Daiso

The black curtain is 100 yen, my wife! Img_1030

3. Mobile battery charger

Eliminating the battery shortage of mobile phones This time, there was only one mobile charger in the car, so if you have two, you will compete.

4. Strap

Even if you don't have surf racks, unless you ride high -speed, it's okay to sleep at all to secure space Img_1029 Img_1025 After all, if the car is a little big and you can stretch your legs, you will not be tired at all. To be honest, it's easier than when I stayed in a car in Europe Recommendations in the car and tricks I stayed in the car for 2 months while surfing in Europe The bath was a super public bath, and the stay was a convenience store, and I parked at the end of the parking lot. Unlike the city, there is no car itself, so it's good until morning. The good thing about Ise is that the water is beautiful and the food is delicious. On a day when there is no waves, thanks to Yokocho, it is a heavenly heaven. Thanks to you, you can enjoy Yokocho just by walking. Fresh oysters are 150 yen per piece Img_1115 It looks like a beef hot pot shop that seems to read a lot, but the mining cutlet sold at the store is exquisite. Img_1066 Exquisite minced cutlet 130 yen cheap and delicious! Beer was the best! Img_1067 If you go one to the back road on the Ise City Ekimae, the seafood bowl is also 1100 yen for this. Img_1116 Una -don is also cheap and delicious for 1100 yen! Img_1117 I forgot the name of the store, This seafood bowl & union -don is located in the back of Ise Station in front of the station square station at Ise -shi Station. It is on the left side of this photo, but you can see it immediately because there is only one set meal shop. Img_1105 Cafe Bianca 12 hours pickled in a French toast set near the station square street 600 yen Img_1109 This cap that I bought at Nicaragua is still active and traveling well. Img_1053 After all, if you travel a carGo Ride This time it was cheap! MADOKA BUS3 You may be worried about this article Recommendations in the car and tricks I stayed in the car for 2 months while surfing in Europe

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