Difference between Father's Day and Mother's Day market trends and promotions in the United States


Father's Day and Mother's Day are special days celebrated in many countries, including the United States. These days are an opportunity to show the love and gratitude of the family, and it is an important event for consumers. In this article, we will explore the differences between Father's Day and Mother's Day market trends in the United States, and the differences in promotion in those events.

Difference between Mother's Day market trends and promotion

Mother's Day market trend

Mother's Day in the United States will be celebrated on the second Sunday of May. The Mother's Day market is expanding as well as Father's Day, and consumers buy gifts and special items to praise the role of mothers and mothers. In Mother's Day market, bouquets, jewelry, spa gift certificates, handbags, and beauty products are popular.

Promotional difference

Mother's Day's promotion offers a special campaign for women. Discounts, sales, limited items, special dinner courses at restaurants are held. In addition, through TV commercials, advertising posters, SNS campaigns, etc., consumers will be delivered to consumers on the ideas and gifts of Mother's Day gifts.

Specific examples of Mother's Day promotion


Hallmark is an American card maker and is a brand that is particularly noted on Mother's Day. On Mother's Day, we offer special cards and gift items with messages that convey thanks and affection. HALLMARK websites and stores also provide customization services that allow you to create individual cards and gift sets.


BATH & BODY WORKS is a brand that offers body care products and fragrances. On Mother's Day, we sell special fragrance and bath gift sets to provide sentimental packages and gifts wrapping. In addition, we provide customers with special events and promotion codes at stores.


1-800-Flowers.com is an American online frustrating service service. Mother's Day provides special bouquets, arrangements, planters, etc. and is used as a gift for expressing gratitude and affection to the mother. The website provides useful functions, such as simplification of orders, selection of delivery date and time, and additional gift items.

Differences between market trends and promotions on Father's Day

Father's Day market trend

Father's Day in the United States will be celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Father's Day markets are expanding year by year, and consumers buy gifts and special items to honor the role of father and father. In Father's Day market, products and services for men are attracting attention. For example, ties, shirts, grilled goods, sports equipment, technology, etc. are popular.

Promotional difference

In Father's Day's promotion, special campaigns for men will be developed. It is common to offer sales, discounts, gifts set, special events and experiences. In addition, advertising campaigns will be conducted using TV, radio, online advertising, SNS, etc., and information will be provided to encourage consumers to purchase Father's Day gifts.

Specific examples of promotion on Father's Day

Best buy:

Best Buy is a major retail business that handles home appliances. We offer special prices such as TV and smart home devices for Father's Day, and propose gift ideas. We also provide information on finding the perfect presents for fathers using online ads and social media.

The Home Depot:

The Home Depot is a home center chain and offers products for DIY enthusiasts and home owners. On Father's Day, special sale of tool sets and grills, gardening supplies, etc. promotes items for fathers to enjoy projects at home.


MACY'S is an American department store chain and sells fashion and household goods. On Father's Day, we offer men's items such as clothing, accessories, watches, etc. at special prices, and propose ideas for Father's Day gifts for gift guides and online stores.

Difference between Father's Day and Mother's Day promotion

Difference in target audience

Different target audiences are considered in Father's Day and Mother's Day promotion. Father's Day promotion focuses mainly on products and services for men, but Mother's Day promotion focuses on women's items and experiences.

Difference in promotion tone

Father's Day promotion is often characterized by bright tones that incorporate elements such as humor, sports, and outdoors. On the other hand, Mother's Day's promotion is generally a warm tone that emphasizes gratitude, affection, and family bonds.

Difference in promotion period

The promotion period between Father's Day and Mother's Day also tends to be different. Father's Day promotion is often started a few weeks ago and peaks on the weekend just before Father's Day. On the other hand, Mother's Day promotion starts earlier than Father's Day, and advertisements and sales are developed a few weeks before Mother's Day.


Father's Day and Mother's Day in the United States are important events that show their love and gratitude. These events are promoted to provide gifts and special experiences to father and mother. There are differences between Father's Day and Mother's Day promotion, such as target audience, promotion tone, promotion period, etc. Effective promotion strategies that match each event are an important factor that attracts consumers.

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