D2C trader must see LPO! Landing page optimization measure for sub -skops

by Chie Suzuki

In recent years, business changes have been seen in various industries, and D2C (Direct to Consumer) is one of them. In the D2C business model that consistently performs from manufacturing to sales and direct connection between manufacturers and consumers, LPO (landing page optimization) that promotes consumer awareness is very important. In addition, the measures for LP vary depending on the service form, such as subscription. In this article, I will explain the points of LPOs for D2C and LPOs for Subsque.

What is LPO?

LP (Landing Page) is the first site that arrives from web advertising and search engines, and LPO is a method for optimizing LP with "Landing Page Optimization". The LP aims to have users take actions such as requesting materials and purchasing products, that is, to enhance the conversion. For this reason, LPs are often completed on one page of product descriptions, purchases, and inquiry forms.

By implementing LPOs such as LP design and content improvement, you can expect to increase the cost of advertising.

Importance of LPO for sub -skop

It is said that D2C's business model and subscription are compatible. Of course, some products are not suitable for subscs, but it seems that many D2C brands have introduced a sub -skop service.

Subsque does not purchase the product itself, but purchases the right to use the product for a certain period of time. Therefore, the way of showing it is slightly different from a normal LP. The following is a explanation of the subscriptions and LPs for subscriptions.

What is a subsc

Subsque is an abbreviation of subscription, and is a method in which a monthly or flat -rate system is a method in which using services and products is charged for a certain period of time. For example, a sub -school has been introduced in music distribution services and video distribution services.

Subsque is a popular way for both sides, as consumers have a low initial cost, they can be used freely during the period, leading to stable benefits for companies.

What is an LP that succeeds in the subscriber business?

The LP that succeeds in the sub -school business has the following features.

・ At a glance, you can understand the service contents and charges

・ There is no withdrawal from the user, and the bounce rate is low

・ Easy to understand the conductors that lead to the conversion

・ Simple and impactful design

It is essential to have "easy -to -understand conductors" or "easy -to -understand product description" in the LP, but in the LP of the sub -school business, it is necessary to explain the service itself. By taking the above LPO measures, it leads to the success of the sub -skop business.

LPO merit

There are various measures to enhance the conversion. In the following, we will explain in more detail what the benefits of LPOs have.

Prevention of withdrawal from withdrawal

The final purpose of LPO is to increase the conversion, improving the closing rate of its own products and services. In order to connect to the contract, it is necessary to meet the interests and needs of the user, and not to leave until the end. Specifically, taking measures such as "reducing external links so that users do not move" and "to complete information within the LP" will help prevent users withdrawal.

Improved scroll rate

For LPO measures, the control of the user's eye fly (in the order of eyes) is also important. Effective LPs have a simple and easy -to -understand structure to prevent user withdrawal, and clearly set for materials claim and product purchase. Let's use an eye frall that will effectively draw users to prevent withdrawal and scroll up the target action.

Shortening of aggregation time

For LPO measures, the control of the user's eye fly (in the order of eyes) is also important. Effective LPs have a simple and easy -to -understand structure to prevent user withdrawal, and clearly set for materials claim and product purchase. Let's use an eye frall that will effectively draw users to prevent withdrawal and scroll up the target action.

Understanding user base

In LPO measures, not only the number of users, but also the specific grasp of users, such as "attribute information of user age and gender", "area where browsing users are now", and "time zone with many access to LP". Let's put it in. By analyzing each information in detail, you can more understand what kind of layer of your own products and services reaches and where you have needs. You may be able to find hints for advertising, sales strategies, and new product development from the grasp of user base.

LPO flow

LPO measures are taken in five steps. When taking LPO measures, let's practice it in the following steps.

1. Check the LP goal

First, let's set the goal of "What kind of results do you want through this LP?" The result is a conversion, and there are various items such as the number of times, action, and advertising effects. By clarifying the goals, LP analysis can increase value and make better measures. The goal is recommended because it is easy to understand the result if it is decided by specific numerical values.

2. Analysis of problems

Once you have a goal, we will analyze the current LP problems. For analysis, it is recommended to use Google's "Google Analytics" first. If you use Google Analytics, you will know where you have room for improvement, because you know the closing rate, click rate, withdrawal rate, exit rate, and stay time.

3. Determination of improvement plan

Once you analyze the problem, consider how to improve it. Improvements include "I want to make the first view of the impact (the first part that the user sees)", "Make the strengths of our products and services more convey", and "simplify the conductor to purchase". It can be thought.

There are points to note when implementing improvement measures. When improving, do not change two or more at the same time. If multiple improvements are improved at a time, the causal relationship will be invisible to what caused the effect, so let's drop it into the LP one by one.

4. Implementation of tests

Once the improvement is decided, the test will be conducted to verify the effect. Use the AB test in LPO. AB test is a method of randomly displaying each pattern, such as "A: improvement draft introduction pattern" and "B: current pattern", and verifying effects. Don't forget to compare not only the closing rate, but also with elements, such as the time zone and the attribute information of the area user. In the AB test, the effect can be verified simultaneously, so it is possible to obtain data that is not affected by time and schedule.

5. Analysis of test results

Once the AB test is performed, analyze the results. Check the change and check if the improvement has been made. If the result is not expected, the improvement is a misconnaissance measure or something shortage. If the effect is as expected, adopt an improvement plan. And it is important in LPO to turn the PDCA repeatedly to see if there are any parts that can be improved next.

It is important to repeat the cycle

There is no end to LPO. The results of LPOs are not immediate, and Internet algorithms and trends change every day. Therefore, repeat the steps of 1 to 5 regularly and accumulate analysis and improvement to brush up to a better LP.

To increase the closing rate with LP

Finally, I will introduce how to increase the closing rate in LP. Here are four points that are easy to improve, so let's take a look.

First view is important

The first part you see when you visit a website or LP is called the first view. Users may return if they are not interested in the first view to judge whether to scroll by looking at the first view. Therefore, let's use the impactful catch phrase and photos so that the user can be firmly interested in the first view, and to make the user a merit.

Reduce external links

The purpose of LPO is to improve the closing rate of our products and services. Therefore, it is necessary to securely guide the CTA (Call to Action) button that leads to the application form. However, if there is a link that can transition to an external page while introducing products and services, the user will leave in the middle and will not lead to CTA. The point is to reduce external links to prevent users from leaving before reaching the CTA button. By eliminating all user's questions and anxiety, and aiming for a simple and easy -to -understand LP, it is easier to connect to the contract.

The content of the appeal is consistent

LPs have a lot of users who arrive through Internet ads. Therefore, use the advertising design, the first view of the LP, and the contents of the LP in the same direction. If the impression of the ad and the first view and the content of the LP are different, the user will leave, saying "it is different from what you thought." It is important to check if there is no divergence between the advertisement and the actual LP, or if the impression is different. Keep consistent with the appeal of one product or service.

Sticking to CTA

The CTA button is a button that transitions to the input form, such as "Click here for application, request, and inquiries." It is an important item that leads to the constitution, so let's particularly stick to it. The point is that it is a position / design that users can easily find. If the CTA button is difficult to find, the user's willingness to be willing.

Also, stick to the color, size and wording of the CTA button. Since the closing rate differs even with a trivial difference, it is recommended that you verify the effect in various patterns. It is also effective to use your own image color and characters.


LPO is one of the most important marketing to optimize LP and improve the closing rate of our products and services. Subscriptions, which are indispensable for D2C, are essential to show LPs, and the more new entrants are in LPO, the more stable sales. Practice LPO measures so that your products and services can reach more users.



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