[Culture] Yokomi Japan Film Festival @ Aeon Cinema Chigasaki 11/7 (Sat) -11/13 (Fri)

Source: Yokomi Japan Film Festival Official HP This year's fourth time, the film festival of the action sports, Shuzo Ono, appeared and supervised the other day., Glimpse of Kolkata held at Shonan T-SiteIs also screened. Unusual surfing, skating, and snowboard film festivals in Japan SCREEN SHOT 2015-10-29 at 11.56.25 AM Appreciation fee / PRICE General: 1500 yen・ If you have a variety of disabled certificates, please show it at the theater window. You can watch it for 1000 yen for 2 people with 2 people. Overview Name Name Name Name Yokomi Japan Film Festival / YOKONORI NIPPON FILM FESTIVAL Organized by Yokohashi Japan Film Festival Executive Committee on October 17, 2015 (Saturday), November 7 (Sat) to 13 (Friday) Daily screening venue Aeon cinema Otaru / Ion Cinema Chigasaki sponsor Otaru City / Chigasaki City sponsor (in no particular order)Gezem Japan Co., Ltd., Sea World Co., Ltd., ARETH, Yachiyoshi Co., Ltd., Patagonia Japan Branch, Tamaya Products, Bolcom Japan GK, NPO GREEN GRAVITY Ground, Hanamizu Lao Shan head office, Domestic Trade Co., Ltd. Zenta Prize, Joydivision, Gig Co., Ltd., Colors Magazine, Shonan Bellmare Co., Ltd., Aeon Entertainment Co., Ltd., Chuetsu Pulp Industry Co., Ltd. Geo Eerci, Harley Japan, Beauty Home, Custom Production Co., Ltd.

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