[Culture] Surf Museum I want to visit once

Ocean -side is known as a scenic surf town in California.
The bottom is sandwiched, but when the condition is ready, it breaks so beautifully that you can not imagine a beach break.
It is a point that appears even if the barrel does not increase the size.
The photo is the south side of the peer Ocean Side1 You can clearly see that such objects are surfing in the city in the beach parking. Ocean Side 6 Surf Museum And above all, there is a surf museum (museum) in this city.
The board is on display when Sammy Hamilton, known as a one -arm surfer, encounters a Shark Attack. Surf Board Bitten Bethany Dolphin Beautiful duck dive.
Many people in Japan and those other than surfers have heard their names in the following movies.

Other than that, there was a thruster (three fins on the so -called high -performance board) and the Markry Chard twin fins. Ocean Side 4 Ocean Side 3 Ocean Side 5In addition, this thruster was invented by Simon Anderson Simon Arsen, an Australian legendary surfer/shaper.
He spread without a patent, and spread it to other friends and shaper, and now it has become the mainstream Finset -up on high -performance boards. I also love Simon Anderson boards.
This S mark is cool! SCREEN SHOT 2015-11-17 at 11.45.46 AM California Ocean Side If you have the opportunity, why not try the surf museum?

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