[Culture] "Glimpses of Kolkata" screened by Shuzo Ohno screening & talk show

The top runner Shusai in the Japanese surfing world is called once in 100 years, surfing the Indian river backflow October 17th (Sat) 20: 00-22: 00 Tsutaya Bookstore Shonan T Site Car Relab. Capacity 120 Tickets 1500 yen One drink Inquiries Shonan Tsutaya Bookstore 0466-31-1510 OONO MA "Osamu Ohno challenges once every 100 years in India! ] The first screening and talk show of "GLIMPSES OF KOLKATA", which was participated in Japanese top surfers, MAR, participated in Japan. "Glimpses of Kolkata" is a short movie set in Kolkata, India. The stage is not the sea, but the Huguri River, a tributary of the Ganges River, a sacred river flowing through Kolkata. On March 20, 2015, it is called "once in 100 years" in the Huguri River due to rarely overlapping solar eclipse in the sky in India and the other three astronomical phenomena (Neumoon, the moon passed through the neighborhood, the spring equinox). The backflow came in ... A project was shot while the fugley river flows back like a wavy due to the tide's paddy. The members participating in the project are Brazil, France, India and Japan. Ohno is the only surfer who participated from Japan. Moreover, it is an extreme situation in which various natural factors overlap and the waves rise. It is a movie where you can see the scenery that Ohno gave a glimpse in Kolkata! After the movie, a talk show will be held by Mr. Ohno, the photographer Kenyu Takahashi, who also participated in the film shooting, and George Kakkle of Radio DJ. From the story behind the movie, you can talk about various things such as Mr. Ohno's surf life. We will also hold a lottery that wins the signed items of Mr. Ohno. The first prize is the surfboard that Ohno was riding in India this time! ! Please join us!

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