[CULTURE] Entrance Free City Higashi Pro Talk Show @wtw Surf Omotesando 10/23 (Fri) 19:00

Ichito Professional (Omotesando), which advocates urbanther life style, leads the surf scene (Omotesando)LAZY BOYS SKILLOwner's talk show will be held. The editor -in -chief of the magazine BLUE will be welcomed by Yuichi Itida and talk about the secret stories and surf styles around the world. Admission is free. LAZY BOY SKILL SHIGE2 LAZY BOY SKILL image video
[Professional Surfer SHIGEAKI SHITO TALK SHOW] A talk show is held at 10/23 Fri 19:00 -WTW Surf Club on 10/23 Fri 19:00 ~ WTW Surf Club!
With the editor -in -chief of the editor -in -chief of the magazine "BLUE." To send the latest surfers lifestyle this time, episodes and trendy surf styles that traveled around the world, and the collaboration project of WTW x LB/S We will talk about secret stories! Anyone can participate on the day, but we have prepared an admission ticket with a special novelty! Gift to 25 groups 50 people by lottery! Don't miss the story of the two who lead the current surf scene! ■ Door Open: 10/23 (Fri) Open 18: 00 ~ START 19: 00- * Normal business is until 17:00. Click here to apply for admission tickets with special novelty ↓ [Application e -mail address] Event@wtwstyleblog.com [Application deadline: October 18 (Sun)] Message to phone number and WTW! * We will contact you only for the winners. Please note that we are waiting for your application.
SCREEN SHOT 2015-10-19 at 4.05.16 PM The location is in the newly created Six Harajuku terrace. BYRON BAY COFFEE is included in the same building. It will be the back of the cat street. It seems that the parking will walk a little because there are not too much nearby. There are many coin parking along 246. Six Harajuku Terrace

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