Cross -border with SHOPIFY's Amazon, Rakuten, EBAY cooperation. Used products! Introducing with the introduction case

by Marina Fujihara

Now, you are considering a new business in SHOPIFY! You are considering SHOPIFY in addition to Rakuten, Amazon and EBAY sales! ! You are starting to think about selling malls for abroad in addition to SHOPIFY! ! !

In this article, we will introduce the store cooperation between SHOPIFY and overseas malls such as EBAY cooperation, Rakuten cooperation, and Amazon cooperation based on the introduction case story that Go Ride actually did. Regarding Rakuten Ichiba, native and coordinated apps have just been announced in May this year.

EBAY is one of the platforms that can be sold at cross -border even for used products. In our case, we will introduce the story of the introduction of a single -management tool with Golf Partner, who is selling a border from Japan to the United States.

1. Why do you do it?

I think that there are many businesses, such as SHOPIFY's own and mall -type stores, are thinking about deploying on multiple platforms in overseas ECs. In addition to the leading Rakuten and Amazon in Japan, it is a mall that is widely used by EBAY and Etsy overseas.

In such a case, how do you improve product management and inventory management of multiple stores? This is the best key.

and! Don't worry. There are several tools to centrally manage SHOPIFY, EBAY cooperation, Rakuten cooperation, Amazon collaboration, and manual products. By introducing this, the trouble of going back and forth on the management screen of multiple stores is saved.

2. How do you do it?

So, how do you do Amazon cooperation, Rakuten cooperation, eBay cooperation? Let's enter the main subject! This time, we will deliver along with the introduction and daily management story of Golf Partner, Golf Partner, a client of GO Ride!

SHOPIFY plug -in? Inventory management tool?

The first step and the most important step is to select tools. Choose a perfect method, taking into account the characteristics of your own stores and products and SKUs.

First of all, the first thing I want to check is the apps that can work native in SHOPIFY. The good thing about SHOPIFY is that it is easy to link with other platforms! For Amazon, Rakuten, and EBAY, there is a formal linked app that is completed on the SHOPIFY management screen. However, there are points to be aware of.

  • The Amazon app cannot be used unless the store address is in Canada or the United States (as of July 2020) & no Japanese support
  • The ebay app is not available if the store's store's store is in Japan (currently only available in 5 countries including Canada, the United States, etc.) & no Japanese support.
integration_with_shopify Cooperation pattern that manages products on SHOPIFY

Therefore, the above application of Amazon / EBAY is unfortunately not available if there are only corporations in Japan ... Also, regarding business flows, using this app is not always the best, so it may be a good idea to try it out.

If you can clear such precautions, the specifications of the app that can work native will be the smoothest. However, even if it is not so, it is okay. Use the inventory management tools that can be linked with SHOPIFY!

integration_with_third_party Patterns that work together using external inventory cooperation tools

By the way, I would like to introduce the case of Go Ride. It was the EBAY store that Go Ride was linked to the Golf Partner's store. (Click here for project detailsThe address of this SHOPIFY store was in Japan, so we could not introduce the official cooperation app provided by EBAY. At this time, there were several tools that were candidates, but eventually we will introduce Sellbrite. Here are the cooperation tools that were candidates when selecting the tool.


The above five were listed as candidates, but the following reasons for landing on Sellbrite are the following points.

Being reliable service
As can be said when selecting any service app, the reliable service was the most important point. In particular, if the tools related to inventory and orders will go down, it should never be down. In this regard, we decided that Sellbrite was a very highly credible software due to the backup of Godaddy.

The reflection speed of the information is fast
The product has been posted on multiple channels, and the product has been purchased with two channels even though there is only one stock! If something happens, it's a catastrophe. Especially in the store that handles used products like Golf Partner, the stock of the product is basically 1, so this point was an unstoppable factor. When we tested, Sellbrite was one of the fast -paced tools.

It is necessary to upload the product once
Depending on the tool, you need to upload more than one product, or once. Regarding Golf Partner, it is better to only need once! That's why this was a big criterion.

The time zone has a support team base
Regarding this project,
・ Cross -border for the United States
・ The base of Go Ride is located in LA
That's why Sellbrite, based in California, was dominant in this respect. If there is something wrong with having a support team in the same time zone, it is highly likely that you will be able to respond quickly.


If you are a tool with high credibility and evaluations, the help pages on the site are mostly very substantial, so read the site! However, some points that are easy to stumble.

① English ...
There are many SHOPIFY apps, but there are many excellent tools that do not support Japanese. There are some parts that can be covered by the daily operation, but I think it may be safer to rely on SHOPIFY EXPERT at the time of introduction.

② Creating templates such as HTML
Product uploading to a mall -type store like eBay needs to meet the registration of the mall, which can be quite complicated.

When Go Ride introduced the EBAY linkage tool Sellbrite, the Helpage of Sellbrite was carefully written, and the work proceeded smoothly without any problems!

Product registration & daily renewal work

Regardless of the cooperation with the SHOPIFY app or the third -party tool, the precautions for inventory cooperation is to register the product only from the main platform!

If you are using a native SHOPIFY app, from the SHOPIFY management screen, if you are connecting the external tool, manage the stock only from the management screen of that tool.

3. What happened to you?

Then, how do you actually use this EBAY linkage tool Sellbrite?

The flow of daily operation is like this.
① Enter the product information in the CSV template
② Import CSV file to Sellbrite
③ Import ZIP files with product images
④ Import CSV files containing inventory information
⑤ Upload products from Sellbrite to SHOPIFY and EBAY
completion! !

Excellent tool! So a little complicated while you are not used to it?

It is excellent that you can collaborate with two platforms, Sellbrite and EBAY, from one management screen! However, because there are operations on the English management screen and detailed rules, we operate every day while communicating with Golf Partner with Go Ride.

Trouble also occurred. 。

Golf Partner's store, where almost all are used goods, have many SKUs, and come in and out every day. Unknown causes may occur or bugs of system may occur. Each time we investigate the cause and contact the support team in English!


If you are starting to start an overseas EC, we recommend that you cooperate with your SHOPIFY store and mall. And by centrally managing this, the work efficiency will increase at a stretch. There is no problem with used products!

As mentioned in this article, Go Ride has a track record of introducing overseas malls and SHOPIFY cooperation! If you are in trouble, please consult us in the field of specialty ECs for abroad.


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