Corporate site with movie production Iseya

This time, we created a brand shop Iseya -sama's corporate site in the center of Sapporo Susukino Station.

Iseya is found in 1919 and has a very historical pawn shop in Sapporo.

We were in charge of all processes from video shooting to editing and site production.

While shooting in the store had a limited time, there were remorse, such as re -shooting the same cut many times, but I think that I was able to convey the atmosphere inside the store properly.

By the way, we use some shooting techniques introduced in this entry.

Tips for producing corporate sites including videos and easy video shooting Such sites with videos can be used for video advertising as they are, but they are photographed a lot at the time of shooting, and by re -editing them, they are applied to video ads on Facebook Instagram. can.

It is possible to create multiple patterns later in a form that does not require re -shooting.

We aim to create a delicious site twice with one grain.

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One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.