Continued to grow and use the market size and SHOPIFY of RECOMMERCE

by Toyo Hirashima

Introducing examples of use in the reuse industry in the industry

Recently, I have been concerned about the use of SHOPIFY in the reuse industry, as I have been worried about the healthy reuse industry.

What is Recommerce?

What is RECOMMERCE Ricomers? How to sell resale goods 2023

I will translate and introduce some.

The so -called reused market market is expanding year by year, and it is expected that the US market size will be doubled in the US market size by 2030 and $ 1 = 140 yen for $ 1 = 140 yen for $ 1.76.6 billion in the United States. is.

What is RECOMMERCE Ricomers?

Ricomers are usually performed through systematic purchases, trade -in, or up -cycle programs.

In many cases, in exchange for money and store credit, customers can return used products. After that, the retailer organizes the product and resells it at a store or online at a discounted price.


Changes in consumer awareness


Currently, there is a market research result in which 77% of Americans take into account the impact of the environment when purchasing consumer goods.


 Bar Chart Displaying The Global Secondhand Apparel Market Value Between 2021 and 2026.


As a result, the Ricomers and the resale market are growing 11 times the speed of retail markets, and this figure is expected to be doubled within the next five years.


The global is said to grow to $ 350 Billion 49 trillion yen by 2027.


Rico Masu Market, which is rapid growing, is a ricomas market Well, I would like to introduce the case of Ricomers using SHOPIFY in Japan.


Geo Group's used brand goods sales of the Geo Group, which are also our production examples,

2. Allu

This is also a major middle -aged branded product, and it is full of ALLU luxury with a flagship store in Ginza.

2. Allu USA

This is sold, mainly reuse brandbacks and watches at Allu USA cross -border.

3. Second Street USA

This is the extra edition of Japanese companies overseas, and it will be Second Street USA, which handles products from Japan.

4. If you are interested in cross -border with used goods, this article



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