[Challenge 2%in the industry] SHOPIFY sub -skook application "GO SUB" reduces starter plan fees from 3%to 2%!


From July 2023, the SHOPIFY subscription application "GO SUB" has reduced the starter plan fee from 3%to 2%. The monthly starter plan is $ 0, and the industry is only for the cheapest commission!

This is a recommended plan for a merchant who wants to buy a sub -skirt or try a sub -skirt immediately.

Premium plan sales commission is the cheapest in the industry!

The Go Sub offers a premium plan in addition to the starter plan, with a fee of $ 39 per month, 0.5%. Premium plan sales commissions will be the cheapest in the industry! All functions can be used in the Starter Plan and Premium Plan, so you can choose the optimal plan for business models and profits.

We also offer completely free plans for development stores.

Go Sub can easily add and set a regular purchase option to the SHOPIFY store product, so please try it!

Benefits of subscription models

The subscription model has many benefits to the EC store. Preducted and continuous revenue sources can make the merchant more effective and make a financial plan. Due to stability, better budgeting, inventory management, and resource allocation. In addition, subscriptions can nurture customer royalty by creating monopoly and convenience. Subscriptions will increase the customer maintenance rate as the subscription continues to have a long -term relationship with the brand. The EC Store can enhance your lifetime value and build a sustainable customer base. As a whole, the subscription is a persuasive strategy for growth and success, with stability, customer royalty, and financial planning improvements in online businesses.

GO SUB can be introduced immediately from the link below.

Please feel free to contact us for your questions, consideration of introduction, and application stamizes.

Go Ride

Go Ride is a digital creative house that supports EC businesses at Yokohama and LA as SHOPIFY official "SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER".


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