[CAR LIFE] Tesla's SUV Model X will be unveiled

Exhibited Gizmode Tech Crunch Tesla has established a status as a leading company as an electric vehicle, but a SUV Model X release event, which has been a hot topic for a long time, was held in California. Tesla 1 If you can lead such a large thing, you can use it as a camper. By the way, 7 people + luggage can be loaded up to 2.2 tons. It's an incredible era that you can go to surf or snowboard trips by electric vehicle. Tesla is a threatening acceleration, but all of the two versions below are threatening acceleration. Speaking of gasoline cars, it can be said that it is a completely super sports level acceleration. It is a completely different dimension of cars because it realizes it with SUV. Model X is "90D" ($ 132,000 = about 15.83 million yen, running 257 miles = 414km, 0-60MPH acceleration about 3.7 seconds) Model "P90D" ($ 142,000 = about 17.03 million yen, running 250 miles = 402km, 0-60MPH acceleration about 3.2 seconds) The point that is just
There are only six customers who got the key during the release that night, and it would take months or years to deliver from now on.
Tesla 2 I was wondering how to open the door, but even in a small place, the sensor reacts properly and opens and closes the door dexterously. I will keep an eye on Tesla, which will greatly change the way cars are in the future. Tesla cockpit Tesla Model X TC SCREEN SHOT 2015-10-04 at 8.48.30 AM The center panel seems to be even larger and easy to use.

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