Can't sell it at SHOPIFY? Explanation of forbidden items

by Chie Suzuki

Based on the SHOPIFY Payment Terms of Service, etc., the following products and services are prohibited.

Products prohibited and restricted by SHOPIFY

  • Products with age restrictions such as alcohol and cigarettes
  • Animals, livestock, pet formulas, specific animal -related products, etc.
  • Automotive, automotive parts, other bicycles with motor (including camper cars (RV), all terrain compatible cars (ATV), and motorcycles are not limited to these)
  • Cannabis product
  • Drugs and drug -related products
  • Financial services or professional services
  • dangerous goods
  • Part of the human body
  • Adult content, services or products with nude elements
  • Stamps, cash, banks, other means of settlement of physical currency or digital currency
  • Medical equipment and medical accessories
  • Monitoring device
  • ticket
  • Weapons related accessories such as ammunition, explosives, or gun cases, such as all guns and bullet storage items

Basically, it is a product that violates dangerous goods and law.

2023 In the summer update information, at SHOPIFY PaymentIt has been announced that the regulations on selling CBD, tobacco, sexual health products, and pharmaceuticals will be alleviated!

It's a big news for businesses that have hesitated to shopify.

If you have any questions about the response of your product, in advanceShop supportWe recommend that you contact us. (Support is provided in English or Japanese)

 Those who wish to support in other languagesShopify supportPlease contact us.

Products prohibited and restricted by SHOPIFY

What are the products that can be sold at SHOPIFY?

SHOPIFY is the perfect service for product sales businesses that can easily launch online shops, fashion items, furniture appliances, and cosmetics.Intangible products can also be sold at the SHOPIFY shop.

  • Service (reservation)
  • membership
  • consulting
  • Digital product
  • Event support
  • Experience
  • Course, lessons, workshops
  • rental
  • Installation (and estimate)
  • Donation
  • Event ticket
  • Digital gift card
Products that can be sold at SHOPIFY

Advantages of handling intangible products in SHOPIFY

  • No stock is required

In stock, inventory is required in the product sales business, but inventory is not required for intangible products.

In the product sales business, if you purchase a large amount of products that are not in demand, the inventory may be excessive and you may be in the red, but intangible products can avoid such risks and reduce costs. Can be sold.

  • There is no need to deliver, unnecessary

In the product sales business, if you receive an order, you will be ready for shipping.

There is a hassle to pack the ordered products and hand over to the delivery company, but since the intangible products have no form, there is no need for packing or shipping.


This time, SHOPIFY introduced the banned products and intangible products. How was it?

When starting online shopping at SHOPIFY, we recommend that you check in advance if you are caught in SHOPIFY's terms and policy.

In addition, SHOPIFY can sell not only tangible products but also intangible products, so let's try selling various things using SHOPIFY!



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