[Business card management] Popular "EIGHT" and "Camcard" in the United States

by Subin Chan
How do you manage your business cards from important business partners, customers, friends, etc.? Enter information one by one in the filing Excel, etc., and actually know that it is common sense to manage business cards with a dedicated application now?
The number of people who collectively register and manage business card management apps and information input of business cards and information that have been troubled so far are increasing. What is a business card management app in the first place? What apps are there? Here are some of the results and contents that have been in trouble with business card management and have any good ways.

What is a business card management app?

If the business card accumulates, when you want to contact your business partner, you will have to check and search one by one from the folder. Especially when the number of business cards is large. It is also a common story that the information of the business card is old, the company name and number of the business partner have changed, and the person in charge has been transferred and cannot be contacted. The business card management app introduced this time is the elimination of such troubles and mistakes. There are many such apps in Japan and overseas, but most of them have the functions that solve such effort and problems. Most of the typical business card management apps can be automatically registered in the app just by taking photos of business cards with a mobile camera. BusinessCard Even if you do not need to manually enter the business card information to Excel etc., you can check the information wherever you can start up, even if you do not have a business card at hand, so it is one who has many opportunities to get sales and business cards. Once used, it can be said that it is an application that you will not be able to let go. * Some applications are manually entered by the operating company. Below, I picked up popular apps in Japan and overseas.

What business card management apps are available

Popular business card management app in Japan
Wantedly People Free

Wantedly People currently being broadcast on TV commercials in Japan. You may have already seen it on TV. It is an app that is downloaded not only in Japan but also around the world, and it is a well -known app in Japan. Can be downloaded abroad in Japan. https://people.wantedly.com/

Eight free

Eight is used by more than 1 million people in Japan. It is a high -profile and high -review app, the app that the operator is manually entered information after the scan, and the accuracy of the registration information is high and differentiated from other applications. This can only be downloaded in Japan. https://8card.net/

Popular business card management app overseas

Camcard, a well -known app in the United States, downloaded to more than 100 million business people worldwide. As with Wantedly and Eight, you can only take a business card with a mobile camera to register and manage information, and it will be an outstanding character recognition function than other apps. Can be downloaded abroad in Japan. https://www.camcard.jp/lite/

Business Card Scanner & Reader (Business Card Scanner And Leader) Free

Although it is not as well -known as Camcard, a high review application Business Card Scanner & Reader. The registration method of business cards is the same as other apps, but the registered business card list is a popular app because it is easy to understand because it is a layout similar to the mobile contact list. Can be downloaded abroad in Japan. https://www.abbyy.com/en-us/business-card-reader-for-windows/

Even if you say a business card management app, there are a variety of apps, such as those specialized in business and those that specialize in social activities, so I would like to use them and use them. Below, I will introduce the contents of using the popular domestic app EIGHT (Eight) and the popular overseas app CAMCARD (camcard).

More than 1 million people use in Japan. Kochi business card management app Eight

Under the development of SANSAN Corporation, Eight is used by more than 3.3 million people in Japan.

eight  eight At this time (January 25, 2024), it is compatible with Japanese and English, and is widely known in the Japanese community living in the United States.

Differentiation from other apps

Until registration, as in other apps, scan your business card with the camera after starting the app. However, eight is not automatic for Sansan Corporation operators to manually register information. Therefore, it can be said that the accuracy of the registered information is very high compared to other apps, and it is less likely to be modified. Keyboard input However, there is a disadvantage that the operator is manually input, and it takes time to complete the registration. Depending on the time of day, it may take a few seconds early, and it may take several hours to register if it is late. In addition, the number of registered business cards is limited to 5 to 10 per day. However, when it becomes a premium paid member (600 yen per month), the priority of the registered business card will be high, and the function that can export the data of registration information with CSV will be used. When sending a New Year's card, it is very convenient to have such a function. In addition, the other functions of premium paid members include the functions that make it possible to understand common acquaintances and cooperate with contacts.

Automatic information update

If the person who exchanged the business card is registered in Eight, it will automatically update business card information. Even if you are transferred while you do not know or the contact information changes due to the transfer of the department, if the other person has updated new information and business cards, the information you have at hand will automatically the latest information. It will be updated to. Of course, the same is true if you change your own information.

SNS functions and messages

Eight has a function similar to so -called LINE and SNS, and registrants give each personal page. It can also be used as a social activity, such as information and recent status reports on the timeline, and if you access the registrant page, you can send messages in the app. * Of course, the input of profile information is arbitrary, and it is also possible to make public and private settings.

Regardless of the location

Eight can be checked from your mobile or computer. Eight PCSP Even if you want to contact someone who has a business card on the go or on a business trip, you can check the information wherever you can start. In this case, you no longer have to carry the business card you have.

Security concerns

Eight is concerned about security issues because the third party is operating different from other apps in which the third parties enter information. However, on the official page of Eight, all communications have been encrypted and that they use the data center certified by the security examination organization. In addition, it is a safe application in terms of security because there is no other information on registered information.

So far, we have introduced the popular business card management app EIGHT in Japan. Next, I will introduce Camcard, a popular business card management app overseas.

More than 100 million people use overseas. Camcard, a business card management app in the United States

Under the development of King Soft Co., Ltd., the business card management application CAMCARD, which has been used by more than 100 million business people and has the largest number of users in the world. Camcard  Camcard It can be used in 16 countries, boasting an overwhelming number of users and is a highly known and highly reviewed app in the United States.

Accuracy and speed of image recognition

The first thing you think of using multiple business card management apps is surprising the accuracy and speed of Camcard image recognition. After launching the app as well as Eight, Camcard also scans business cards with a camera to register. After scanning a business card with a camera, read all texts in a few seconds and complete registration. The accuracy and the speed of recognition are a masterpiece. This is because Camcard is equipped with cutting -edge OCR optical character identification technology, and even if a little mistake or darkness is made, it will be automatically corrected and accurately recognizes information, compared to other apps. It can be said that it has a high -level function that is outstanding. Camard scan However, there is also a disadvantage that the identification may fail and make mistakes in registered information. You can rely on the high identification technology, and you can remain the wrong information registered without confirming the registered information. If you have used it or if you are planning to use it in the future, we recommend that you check the contents visually when registering. The information can be modified after registering. In addition, CAMCARD was a paid app that was paid off, except for the Lite version (200 business card registrations). It was good news for users for users, as the number of registered copies was unlimited from FY2015, and the free version did not care about the restrictions.

Compatible with the language of 16 countries

The reason why Camcard became used around the world was that it was a large language identification technology and that it supported the languages ​​of 16 countries. Flags around the world For a business person who is active in the crotch, it is troublesome to use the apps depending on which country the language of the business card they have received. With CAMCARD, you can manage and register multiple languages ​​with this one. Language -compatible countries are English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Italian, Sweden, Denmark, Dutch, Finnish, Norway, Russian, Chinese (Traditional, simple character) and Korean.

You don't have to put out a business card

If you are a Camcard user, you can also exchange business cards on the app. You can digitally exchange business cards by scanning the opponent's QR code like a LINE QR code or having your opponent scan your QR code. There is also a function called "business card radar", and business cards can be automatically exchanged with Camcard users nearby. Of course, even if you say automatic, there are some settings that you can not confirm unless you enter the password, so don't worry.

Easy and easy to manage

The information registered in Camcard can be saved on the smartphone contact information. It is convenient for those who want to register information as a mobile phone. It is very easy to understand because the business card image is also a contact image. Also, if you register hundreds of business cards, do you feel uneasy about finding the relevant business card? Camcard can divide the registered business cards in a group, have a substantial search and sorting function, and easy to operate, so you can quickly find the information. In addition, as well as Eight, it can check the information anywhere on a mobile phone or computer, and also has an automatic update function.

Try using the business card management app

As a result of using the business card management app, the biggest advantage is that it can be easily registered and managed. And without carrying a business card, you can think of how you can check the information wherever you are, and how to manage it so far. It may be less by using the business card management app in the future to keep the encounter away. scanHands To note that, if your mobile phone or computer is lost or failed, you can check again on other terminals if you have account information, but you will not be able to confirm it temporarily. Is it? Just in case, it would be safe if you store and manage the business card itself. When I actually started using the business card management app and registered the business card I received, most of them were able to connect in the app immediately because they used the business card management app, and information on old business cards. With the latest updates, etc., it turned out that it was an app with high demand.


Although I lost my business card in the past, I only had information from the email sending history, etc., and I wanted to register it as a business card management app. So, I decided to make a business card handmade. I wrote the phone number and address by hand, I arranged the characters in the same way as the layout used in most business cards, and scanned using multiple business card management apps. ... this doesn't read the text as expected. Different contents are read, or the letters cannot be determined and blank. Even Eight, which should be manually input by the operating company, did not read the information as you try many times. It is said that the letters are beautiful, but if it is handwritten, it is difficult to distinguish it with a machine because each person has the habit and characteristics of each person. So, when I created and photographed a pseudonym on a website where I could design a business card, it finally read it well. It was a business card that I had in parallel with the app as well as the business card management app, so it was 2018 that I decided to keep and manage it.

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