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by Mayu Mizoguchi
TOYO HIRASHIMA at WE WORK OCEAN Gate Minatomirai. 2020. 07

BFCM 2020 data and tendency

This year's BFCM was strong due to the influence of Coronavirus.

Nihon Keizai ShimbunAccording to the fact that the number of actual stores in real stores has decreased significantly by 55%, while online shopping spending has increased by 22%compared to last year.
again,AdobeIt has announced that this year's BLACK Friday sales increased by 26.1%year -on -year, about $ 90 billion, and this year's sales of Cyber ​​Monday increased 15.1%year -on -year to $ 10.8 billion. In particular, Cyber ​​Monday has recorded the largest sales ever and suggests that the online store has been performing well.

Adobe Source: Statista
Shopify Shopify's BFCM LIVE

Not only in the United States but also globally, the sales of Black Friday in SHOPIFY are increasing compared to 2019.

tweet From Twitter

While sales of online stores in BFCM are increasing, measures to get on the waves are required. The following four trends found at BFCM this year

  1. Sale starts from November 1st/2nd week
  2. Week 3 BFCM Precal started
  3. BFCM sales starting from the head of the 4th week
  4. Running on Cyber ​​Monday, the last day of BFCM

The way BFCM is changing, not just a sale day, but as a big event.The concept of the year -end sales warIt is. As a result, the start of BFCM is getting faster year by year, and there are many brands that sell some sort of sale until Christmas the following month.
In fact, not only the day of the BFCM, but also the sales on Thanksgiving the day before, up 21.5%year -on -year, $ 5.1 billion.

Things to keep in mind based on the trend

1. Do not create a stall period

The point that you need to be aware of is that there is a tendency mentioned above.Depending on the product, there is a reserve for BFCM announcements.is. In particular, the higher the price of the product, the higher the effects of the BFCM sales content, so the more you buy, the more likely you are to buy.

The important thing to excite BFCM here isDo not create a stall periodThat is. For example, the backpack brand "Away" is likely to keep the customer's attention by publishing a new backpack during the BFCM announcement period.

Away From Away's e -mail magazine

In addition, the handmade accessory brand "Waffless & Honey Jewelry" at the San Francisco base is called Flash Sale, and does not announce the details, but continuously sells the target products depending on the time and date. I was creating a state.

mnml HP of Waffless & Honey Jewelry
2. Driving on Cyber ​​Monday

It is also important to be able to excite the last day of the BFCM, Cyber ​​Monday, the favorite of the online store. There are the following measures examples.

ALO YOGA Presale ~ Black Friday

ALO YOGA Cyber ​​Monday

Yoga wear brand "ALO YOGA". The pre -sale was held from the third week of November, and BFCM production was started on November 24. On the last day, Cyber ​​Monday, the site design will be changed so that you can see the product not only at the discount rate of up to 70%OFF but also at the specific price. It is an impression that it was devised to convey the content of the discount to the customer in an easy -to -understand manner.


"Fanatics", which handles sports equipment, has a discount rate by raising the discount rate near BFCM production, such as 30%OFF for 48H only and 48H only on November 25, as of November 24. It was exciting. Also, like Alo Yoga, Cyber ​​Monday had 70%OFF.

Cole Haan

The lifestyle brand "COLE HAAN" has been offering 50%off as pre -sale since mid -November, but on the last day of BFCM, Cyber ​​Monday added 70%OFF and added 10%OFF in "TheBest" Code. Implemented a discount. It is the impression that a bold discount was launched as the last catch of BFCM sale.

In this way, there was a brand that takes measures for the last day of the BFCM, so sales at 7 PM-11PM (PST) near the end of Cyber ​​Monday.It was $ 2.7 billion, which accounted for 25%of the total sales on the same day.It is said that.

Although it is not Cyber ​​Monday, some brands have a surprise approach.

mnml E -mail magazine members only LP
mnml 12/1 sale extension surprise

"H2O+", which handles skin care products, also holds pre -sales for only e -mail magazine members. In addition, I gained momentum by improving the BFCM sales production discounts better than pre -sales. In addition to these, unlike the above brands, "Surprise", which extended the sale for only one day on December 1, the next day of Cyber ​​Monday, was announced on Instagram. Even if the sale period is extended, you may be able to get the customer attention again by giving a surprise feeling instead of just to set the sale end date to 12/1.

Client's case introduction

In fact, we helped the client's BFCM measures.
There are four BFCM measures prepared in advance.

  1. E -mail magazine/Instagram Feed/advertisement (Google/Facebook/Instagram) Start of pre -sale announcement (11/8 ~)
  2. Presal starts (11/21-26)
  3. Start of production sale (11/27-30)
  4. Sale End Countdown Mail Distribution (11/30 6PM PST)

We increased the number of new e -mail magazine members with pre -sale for "e -mail magazine members only" and gained momentum to BFCM production. In addition, by distributing the sales end countdown mail, we were able to not only remind you but also to push the last BCFM.


How was it? As the sale started year by year, I felt that there was a brand that attracts customer attention.
Go Ride supports BFCM with overall measures (including e -mail magazine, advertising, SNS operation * Creative). The measure method will change depending on the product, so if you are considering the sale at BFCM next year, feel free to feel free to carry it.inquiryplease give me.

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