Be careful when producing cross -border EC sites! American law and countermeasures with disabilities [SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER is explained]


Everyone who has a site for the United States.

Is your site an easy -to -access site for everyone?

Actually, the web in the United StatesThere is a law that the site must be designed to be friendly to everyone.

In this article, we will briefly introduce measures on the site from the explanation of the law!

American disability law

The law is The Americans with Disavilities ACT(ADA).

Translated into Japanese, it is under the American Disabled LawLaw to protect the human rights of people with disabilitiesis.

Is EC site and ADA related?

For businesses that are operating and considering cross -border ECIs this law related to ourselves? I think there are many people who think.

In conclusion, it is extremely important to know about ADA in running an EC site.

Let's take a closer look at ADA.

Why is ADA important for the site?

In recent years, ADA -related litigation has increased in the United States.

Corporate websites may be treated in the same way as public facilities, and you may be sued unless they are specifications that everyone can access.

Regardless of the results of the trial, you may lose the trust of the company as well as time and money.

It is important to know the ADA in the sense that the site is not considered to be easy to use for everyone.

Let's briefly introduce some of the problems that can occur on the site and its solutions.

Color contrast

Depending on the contrast and color of the text and background, it may be difficult to read for those with visual disability.

This problem can be solved by making it a text that has a contrast that is easy to read.

The solution is simple, but be aware that it may be difficult to read as a result of using a color that focuses on the brand image.

Providing information only by color

In order to convey the various information on the site, the information may be conveyed only by color. For example, techniques that express the parts you want to emphasize in the text just by changing the color to express it are not transmitted for those who are difficult to identify the color.

It is easy to understand by adding hints other than colors by adding a hint other than the color by adding the color to the bold body, making it an Italic body, adding a separate note.

Image display

Most sites include photos, illustrations, charts, etc., but these are also difficult to read and understand for those who have a disability.

Countermeasures for this problem include the addition of alternative textbooks.

By using the text that explains the purpose such as photos in a short sentence (what you want to convey through photos) as an alternative text, you can use voice reading software to those who are inconvenienced. You can convey the information.

Video subtitle

I think it's often the case that videos are embedded in the site to introduce companies and products.

The lack of subtitles in this video can be a problem. If there is no subtitles in the narration or the scene where people are talking, it will not be transmitted to those with hearing disability.

Form entry items

You often see online forms on the site for inquiries to the company.

If this form does not have any specific instructions, people with disabilities may not be able to enter or send accurately.

For those who use reading software, if you make an error in text or enter in a wrong format, it will be easier for everyone to understand.

Use other than mouse and trackpad

You may not be able to use or browse the site unless you use a mouse or trackpad.You have to make a site that can access the content even with a keyboard alone.

Accessibility check

One way is to use tools like accessibility checkers that automatically identify ADA issues.

Since it is just like a simple tool, there is a pattern in which there is actually a problem even if it is displayed on the tool, or a problem is a problem.

Depending on the site, some companies have created pages to gather opinions from users, and some companies have improved.

In any case, the site is required for a flexible response.


What did you think?

There may be few people who are browsing American sites, even those who have actually created a site.

If you have your own site, please take this opportunity to review the site and see if there is no problem!

The government is making itADA siteThere is also, so please!


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