3 recommended inquiry form apps in SHOPIFY

by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

SHOPIFY can use the inquiry form as standard. However, it is simple, such as name, email address, inquiry content, etc.

You can use various forms by using the app!

This time, we will introduce three genuine Forms of SHOPIFY and three recommended apps.

Shopify genuine inquiry form

If you look at the theme of Dawn as an example, there are four items that can be used as genuine inquiry forms.

  • name
  • mail address
  • telephone number
  • Inquiry

You can add the contents in the theme custom, but basically you need to edit the code.

SHOPIFY contact form

How to install a inquiry form.

The genuine form is simple, but I think it will come out if you want to customize it a little more. In that case, it is convenient to use the app.

Here are three recommended app information.

Powerful Contact Form Builder

This inquiry form app can easily create a SHOPIFY custom form.

URL, company name, pull -down, select box, etc.You can create a custom form.

By embedding in a short code, it can be displayed anywhere. You can easily display inquiry forms on the product page, collection page, cart page, and homepage.

  • Create a custom form by uploading files or images
  • Send automatic response emails and integrate form data with KLAVIYO, MailChimp, etc.
  • Easy to create inquiries forms with capture, order form, inquiry form, etc.
Powerful Contact Form Builder

Contact form by Hulkapps

This inquiry form app is a form builder app equipped with various customizations. You can add contact forms to the current store theme and set an automatic response function to all form transmissions.

It also supports pop -up inquiries.

  • Customization of contact forms can customize six fields according to the store
  • Add custom form to various pages
  • You can build valuable email lists through the created contact form
  • Built -in recaptcha element that protects from spam and abuse
  • Easy exporting in a format in which the transmission form is sorted by date


This app provides not only the inquiry form function but also real -time chat and customer support function.

There are fewer requests for requesting a little question, not inquisite, or wanting to contact us casually.

It also supports FAQ and AI response, which helps reduce communication costs.

  • E -mail, live chat, SMS, audio are aggregated in one unified reception tray
  • Increase efficiency with workflow, response template+AI
  • Create an automated AI assist, push, chatbot prompts, and promote sales
  • While talking with customers, direct management, correction, and creation of Shopify orders


These inquiry form apps help to level up the genuine Shopify inquiry form.

Many companies have introduced popular chat -type inquiries recently.

I want to choose a form that matches my store!

Go Ride also develops custom development that cannot be used with genuine apps and custom forms.

Please feel free to contact us even if it is trivial!




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