2022 | Q4 AWARD


In December 2022, we looked back on Q4 jointly with the US branch!

At a meeting called "Q4 (Quarter 4th))", we look back on three -month projects, what happened in 2022, and awards for MVP.

Go Ride is a leading role in each employee, and everyone will share opinions among each project to make the best choice for clients.

Of course, there is a joint project with the US branch office, but by setting up a place that can be discussed once every three months, you can look back on the progress and reconsider the improvement points. It is a meeting where you can feel daily self -growth and the growth throughout the company in such precious time.

It is Hirashima, our president. (Commonly known as TOYO)

As the number of new employees is increasing this year, the momentum is increasing

There are also members who won the MVP and the promoted members.

Congratulations to everyone! ! Pachipachi

In addition, there are many members who have been married this year, and we have a celebration!

congratulations! !

Finally, Pashari with US branch members! ! ! !

Go to the last lunch party during the year! ! ! ! ! ! !

a! As a supplement, we all call each member on First Name!

Because it is a frank company, there are many communications and everyone can get along quickly!

Everyone arrives one after another.

Enter the seat

It will start with the president's toast with the words of work this year.

It is a valuable meeting that allows you to exchange opinions in such a whole while promoting various projects!

With a delicious lunch, you will have a fun conversation!

Communication is a lunch with Japanese and English, and this is also a Go Ride!

I was able to spend a meaningful time!

We will continue to work together and provide better things next year!

Continuing from last year, it will be a later talk.

"After Christmas lunch ..."

The end of work is Christmas party at night★

By the way, today's dress code is black coordinates! (Christmas color is also OK!)

This year is a red brick warehouse Christmas market!

In the cold, I enjoyed chatting for a while while drinking hot sangria and peel.

By the way, thank you for reading this time.

What kind of year did you get 2022 this year?

We will continue to grow with everyone!

In 2023, I will crawl ahead Let's go ride !!


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